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Best Themes For Your Blackberry

Updated on July 10, 2011

The blackberry smart phone is rapidly becoming one of the more popular smart phones,not just with the buisness people that used them initailly but also with everyday people who now use them day in day out.Most of the blackberry's look pretty smart as they are but the cool thing about these phones is you can change the theme that adornes your gorgeous looking phone.There are literally thousands of themes which change not only the background of your phone but also where all the icons are and the way in which your phone operates.

Iberry Theme

This is perhaps one of the more popular themes and is currently the theme i am running too on my Blackberry bold 9700,It is basically has the same kind of design as the iPhone with big bold icons for each item on the phone and it is extremely simple to switch between them,even on the bold you can with the flick of a finger switch from one set of icons to another.You may ask why not just buy an iPhone,well simple,i prefer my blackberry but there are some features of the iPhone that i like and if i can get an iPhone theme running on my blackberry then why not.The result is a stunning yet simple to use theme and you can swap the icons around to have whatever ones you want on your main screen.

Iberry Theme

Bt Design BBOS6 Theme

The Blackberry operating system 6 theme is very popular as well,it takes the latest operating software and then makes a theme out of it with nice simple icons that are easy to use and identify,The one gripe with this theme is that the background image can not be changed so if like me you are one for changing the images then maybe it is not for you,very good looking theme though available for the 8350,9000,9700 blackberry phones.

BBOS6 Theme

Windows 7 Theme

The Windows 7 theme is a popular one amongst all you techies out there,This theme has been stated as being super fast even though there is a lot going on,it is certainly one of the more usable themes available,bright,colorful and with pleasing looking icons this theme is a must,not only that but it is compatible for all blackberry devices,so no one has to miss out.

Windows 7 Theme

Iplus 4 Theme

Yes that's right another iPhone theme,this is the first to be based on the new iPhone 4 though and i have heard good reports about it.For a start it is one of the only iPhone based themes that has all 16 blocks of icons on the homepage,it has an option to literally reveal all your wallpaper with one touch and is simple,clean and good looking to boot.Loads of shortcuts to your favourite icons and apparently this version suffers from no lag at all.

Iplus 4 Theme


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