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Top Iphone Applications

Updated on May 1, 2014

Iphone Applications

Love it or hate it, own one or don't, the simple fact is the IPhone is one of the best selling phones in the world. Some buy it for its looks, others buy it for the Internet and then some people buy it for the vast amounts of applications you can add to it to make your life more simple or more fun, from iplayers to card games to racing games to light sabre noises, the potential is unlimited.

All over the world people aren't just using their applications they are designing and building them, Some of these applications are free and some of them you have to pay for, but they can be downloaded and used in minutes.The fact there are thousands of applications and numerous possibilities is what makes the IPhone undeniably attractive. What follows is a list of some of the most popular paid and free applications



Of course, you need the most popular social networking site on your iphone and its a free download too, A slightly more simplified set up but allows you to do what you normally would on face book. I don't need to tell you why you need this app. The great thing about this app too is that it is constantly being updated all free of charge, So you will always have the best version of facebook possible.


Whether you have got into twitter or not its another very addictive social networking site. IN fact it is getting more and more popular by the day and there is barely a celebrity who is not tweeting out about their lives right now. An absolute must have for any people out there who like to tweet.

Sheep Launcher Plus

Very addictive but simple game which i feel has been borrowed from that PC game Worms, the idea being that you launch your sheep towards the moon and then pick up extra bits on the way such as booster packs and nitro etc all of which helps him get there a bit faster.Good fun

Sky Sports Live

That's right the application that every man needs in his life, open up this app and you can get a sports ticker and up to the minute updates on the latest football scores and other sports news as well as pictures of the latest wins etc. On a saturday when I happen to be working overtime this little app comes in so handy and makes me feel less sad that I'm at work.

Gym Babes

Gym Babes

Another one just for the men thats right Gym Babes 2 gorgeous girls running on a treadmill with all the right parts bouncing, you can even use slow motion its great. Just make sure the wife doesnt see.

Moto x mayhem

Guide your motocross rider over a tough obstacle course whilst trying not to kill him,you will need nerves of steel and good balance to get through this tough game,kept me coming back though.


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