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Best Universal Remote 2016

Updated on November 7, 2015

In best universal remote 2016 we are going to discuss the features that make a good remote control and then we will review the best new universal remote of 2016.

Logitech is currently the number one maker of remotes. What really sets them apart from the competition is that you can connect their remotes to your PC or laptop and download the newest software off their site. That means if a new electronic device comes out, you can download the software from their site to make your remote compatible with it. Also their remotes are more likely to be compatible with more obscure electronic devices, than the cheaper universal remotes.

The more high end remotes are programmable. This means you can set the remote up to perform a few actions by clicking one button. For instance you can setup a button to turn the TV on, change it to a specific channel and change the volume to a preset value.

top universal remote 2016
top universal remote 2016

Logitech Harmony 1100 Advanced

This remote features an impressive 3.5-inch full-color touch screen. The Harmony remote makes it straightforward for just about any member of the family to use your home-entertainment system without any help. You can begin any activity with just one touch of the button. No more navigating many different entertainment components with multiple remotes.

If you know your high end remotes you will notice that the Harmony 1100 is a little bit more expensive than the products it competes with. On the plus side you need a software degree to program those remotes and with the Harmony you can do it yourself, quickly and easily.

The interface is simple and the buttons are easy to read. I found the remote very comfortable to use with both hands, but it can also be used with one hand. It feels like you are holding a Wii controller more so than a standard remote control. The 1100 is thin and light. the Harmony 1100 is about twice the size of a normal smart phone ( 5.5 inches wide by 4.1 inches high by 0.7 inch deep). Because of it's size you are less likely to misplace this remote control.

The remote comes with a USB cable to attach it to your PC. The setup wizard will take you through the initial process in about 15 minutes.

The non LCD buttons have a blue back light to illuminate them in the dark.

Unlike with cheaper universal remotes there is no lag time between clicking a button and the right electronic device responding to the input. Also the volume increases smoothly when you adjust it. If a device does not respond to a command there is a quick resend button on the 1100.

The 1100 is an update the the Harmony 1000. When comparing them we found the 1100 to be much more responsive. Logitech has boosted the (IR) infrared emitter, this improves the chances that your devices will respond to commands and it makes them respond a little faster.

Logitech has increased the user's ability to customize commands on the LCD screen. You can't exactly create your own interface, but you are able to customize labels and choose from the ninety icons they provide. Also, you can add your favorite-channel icons.

The Logitech Harmoney 1100 Advanced isn't a cheap remote, but if you are willing to pay for it really is the best, most powerful remote control available.

Personalize the touchscreen display
Personalize the touchscreen display
Everything that comes in the box - top universal remote 2016
Everything that comes in the box - top universal remote 2016
Notice how the buttons are ergonomically shaped - best selling universal remote 2016
Notice how the buttons are ergonomically shaped - best selling universal remote 2016

Logitech Harmony One Universal Remote

In our opinion the Logitech Harmony One is the best value universal remote of 2016. Logitech has done a very good job with the design, both ergonomically and cosmetically. The sleek remote fits comfortably into your hand.

The button design and layout is very clever. The backlit buttons have different sizes and shapes. This helps you click the frequently used buttons without looking at the remote. The remote looks like it has a load of buttons but in reality the number of buttons have been slimmed down from previous Harmony remotes. Making the interface much simpler to use.

As you can see in the picture the Harmony One ships with a docking station for recharging the included battery; you just put the remote in its cradle and it charges up. Not only is it cheaper on batteries, but once you get into the habit of putting the remote in the cradle after use you will always know where it is. Some of the other Logitech remotes didn't lock into the cradle properly, they have resolved that issue with this model.

As with the other Logitech remotes, this model has a motion sensor. When you pick it up it automatically turns on (To conserve batteries the LCD touch screen turns off after a short time).

I hope you found what you where looking for in best universal remote 2016. You might also enjoy reading best game console 2016 and best selling business books 2016.


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