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Best Video Cameras for Kids

Updated on August 10, 2011

Kids love toys that let them pretend that they are just like their parents. The gadgets we review in best video cameras for kids will allow them to take high quality video just like their dad.

Kids today are so tech savvy that soon they will be shooting better movies than you. Below you will find the best new video cameras available for kids.

What to look for in a kids video camera:

  • Impact resistant: Let's face it, these video cameras are going to get dropped.
  • High quality video: Just because it's for kids that doesn't mean that it's OK for the video to be low quality.
  • Easy to use: The camera must be easy to use with small hands, as well as simple to understand.
  • Goo resistant: My kids hand's seem to attract various sticky chocolate type substances. Their camcorders can't stop working because of this.
  • Brightly colored: Kids prefer this and it makes the video camera harder to lose.

Best video camera for kids
Best video camera for kids

MoviePix Kids Digital Video Recorder

This bright indigo gadget looks like a toy straight out of a sci-fi movie, with it's attractive black focusing ring on the top and a shining matt finish. The two light indicators just below the focusing ring and the 3.8 cms semi-detachable LCD screen definitely gives it that funky yet professional design.

The MoviePix functions as a camera as well as a video camera. Allowing your kids to take pictures of up to 3.1 Mega Pixels. That is a lot even for a top end high definition video camera. The camera lets you digitally zoom in up to 4 times on the pictures you took.

If you need to expand the camera's memory there is a Micro SD card space to ad more recording capacity.

You can plug the MoviePix directly into your television to enjoy captured movies and stills at any time. Alternatively you can connect it to your personal computer and view the movies and pictures there.

This video camera runs off 3 standard AAA batteries that come included.

This easy to use video camera allows quick switching between still, video and audio modes.

The camcorder is a real bargain when you consider that it comes with basic on screen editing tools.

Sadakar - best video camera for young kids
Sadakar - best video camera for young kids

Sakar Digital Concepts Crayola Digital Camcorder Green

I would recommend the video camera reviewed above for older kids and this one for younger kids.

This multicolored, light and unbreakable video camera has all the features of the latest handy cams and yet is very user friendly for kids. It's built in memory space can be expanded up to 2 Giga Bytes. The high quality captures of both video and audio can make it a great playing and learning experience for your child. Animated sounds with five different apps like games, borders and an image editor make it an exceptional product.

The Sakar features an audio recording system and an LCD viewer, to let you see your instant captures and zoom in on them. It comes with a protective bag which it easily slides into and is specially modeled for a child’s handling.

Users feedback says the Sakar has excellent battery life and that the software that comes with the camera is very useful.

If you are you looking for a tiny, uncomplicated, stylish yet useful gadget for your young kids. Then this is the video camera for you.

Vtech camera that can record video
Vtech camera that can record video

V-Tech Kidizoom Camera

This is a digital kids camera which is also capable of recording video.

Gaming, capturing and storing images and photo editing, this durable device has it all. With a self storage capacity of 256 Mega Bytes V-Tech Kidizoom Camera can also sync in externally expandable memory drives. Which means you will never run out of space to store your pictures.

Considering the V-Tech Kidizoom Camera's highly entertaining apps and many functions, this product weighs peculiarly little. Just like dad’s sophisticated Cyber Shot video camera. The camera also has the ideal design and size to allow a child to use it easily.

The camera can take both color or black and white stills as well as videos, which you can then watch on your TV. All you do is to connect the camera with the included cables.

You can use the camera to zoom in on the up to 2 Mega Pixel images.

The V-Tech Kidizoom Camera makes a great Christmas or birthday gift for any kid. A must buy for every child who is a gadget and gaming enthusiast.

Hopefully the video cameras we have reviewed here gave you a better idea of what to get your kids to get and keep them entertained.

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