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Best Windows Smartphone - Top Windows 7 Cell Phones

Updated on June 3, 2011

There seems to be a new smartphone out every day - or at least every week.  New HTC smartphones, new LG smartphones, or even a new iPhone update.  The point is that the cell phone market is always changing, morphing, becoming better and more competitive.  With so much compeition - and so much good competition - it`s hard for new companies to get their `foot`in the door. 

Unless, of course, you`re a giant corporation who has the money for marketing research and has the ability to make risks.  I am, rightfully, talking about Microsoft and their windows 7 mobile phones.  Windows 7 cell phones are realistically new to the cell phone market and this makes them an interesting topic to talk about it. 

What's the best windows smartphone 2010?    What's the best windows mobile 7 phone?  What are the top 10 windows mobile phones?  How many different windows 7 cell phones exist?  The list of questions that can be asked, and answered, is endless. 

If you've found this article then you're here because you already know a little bit about windows smartphones; what you don't know, however, is what the best windows based smartphones - or windows 7 cell phones - are. 


All now all phones are windows 7 mobile phones, the previous windows processor is high performance.
All now all phones are windows 7 mobile phones, the previous windows processor is high performance. | Source

Best Windows Smartphones

Not all windows based smartphones have the windows 7 processor built in; this means it's less powerful, but doesn't mean it's any less effective. Many windows based smartphones are some of the bestselling mobile phones of 2010, making them an excellent choice. Some are cheaper windows phones, while some have the windows mobile phone features (and can even be upgraded into a windows 7 mobile device).

Top 4 Windows Based Smartphones (Not a Window 7 Phone):

  • HTC HD2: From T-Mobile this is one of the best performing Windows mobile devices. It has a 4.3 inch touch screen with a 1GHz processor, making it fast, as well as good for storage. It has a touch screen, which may turn off some people, but it's very responsive and easy to use.
  • Samsung Omnia 2: OLED screen is HD quality. Fast and includes many windows 7 smartphone apps to download.
  • HTC Snap: This is basically a BlackBerry that has a windows operating system. Great for messaging (MSN style), and other social networking.
  • LG KU: Camera, touch screen, 3G, GPS, windows browsing, Radio, wi-fi - Need I say more?

Best Windows 7 Mobile Phones

Since the windows 7 phone series has just been announced there aren't many window 7 phones currently on the market; although Microsoft has promised most of their new windows mobile 7 phones to be released by the holiday season. 

There are a few phones, however, that showcase the wonder and power of the windows 7 mobile processor.  It takes the best windows smartphones and makes them much, much better - better quality, better control, better everything.  It's the first real competition to the iPhone. 

Windows 7 is taking the mobile world by storm.
Windows 7 is taking the mobile world by storm. | Source

Apple or Microsoft?

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The HTC HD7 is by far the best windows smartphone 2010; in fact it destroys any of the windows cell phones of 2009.  It's that good. 

From T-Mobile, the HTC HD7 has all the specs of a high performance phone.  It has a 4.3 inch display and a 1GHz processor; it also has 5 Megapixel camera that has complete HD quality.  It doesn't, however, have a front-facing camera.

As far as design goes this windows 7 smartphone is very similar to the HTC HD2 - which, as you remember, was one of he best windows smartphones of the year - with a concise and clean feel that looks very sleek.  The biggest difference with this windows phone 7 is that the buttons are all touch sensitive - different from most windows devices. 

One of the coolest aspect of the HTC HD7 is that it has kickstand for watching videos and movies (all in HD). 

The best part of the phone is the windows 7 processor built in.  It's an entirely new OS that is simply incredible.   It's the opposite of the iPhone - it's fast, has very few buttons, meant to get you in quickly and out even quicker. 

All windows 7 smartphones come with windows 7 mobile apps.  Windows 7 mobile applications are looking to compete with iPhone apps (something that is very hard to do).  One app, for example, is a weather app which gives you a 3D view of the weather in your area.  Cool.  Other apps include Netflix and an Xbox Live app. 

One of the best features of Windows 7 mobile smartphones is that there is a Zune App.  What the Zune should have been.
One of the best features of Windows 7 mobile smartphones is that there is a Zune App. What the Zune should have been. | Source

LG Optimus 7

The LG Optimus is a different kind of windows 7 phone then the HTC mobile device. But it's not any less entertaining. In fact, in some ways, it's even more so.

Check out the specs:

  • 97 mm touchscreen
  • 1 GHz Processor
  • HD Camera
  • 8 Hours of battery life
  • Share files with everyone. Think DropBox - but better,
  • Voice to text. Could this be the new revolution?
  • Search.
  • Windows 7 mobile apps, and a lot of them.
  • Easy to use - very fast.


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    • FionaBaron profile image

      FionaBaron 6 years ago

      Yes I agree. I tried LG OPTIMUS 7 Windows Phone E900.

    • Jacob S profile image

      Jacob S 7 years ago from California

      Hey nice Hub! I think that Microsoft made a good move on the Windows Phones. Most of the ones Ive seen look very sleek and stylish, especially the Dell Venue Pro and the HTC HD7 you mentioned, very nice.