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Best iPhone Apps for Stay Home Dads

Updated on March 30, 2011

Like any stay home parent, stay home dads need all the help they can get. The iPhone has given us many conveniences that can be useful for stay home dads. Here are the top iPhone apps for stay home dads.

Gas Cubby, Fuel Economy (MPG), & Vehicle Maintenance. Stay home dads are constantly on the move—running errands, picking up groceries, taking children to school and activities. Car maintenance  often falls through the cracks with everything else there is to do. This app keeps track of when you are due for oil changes, new wiper blades, or tire rotations. It also reminds you when you are due for routine maintenance. It can track multiple cars as well, giving you the option of tracking your wife's vehicle needs too.

iHandy Level. For stay home dads who are also handymen, this app can help balance picture frames on the wall, level floor tiles, and other common tasks around the house. It also includes a ruler and device for measuring angles. Say goodbye to the hassle of hunting down a bunch of tools while you are trying to juggle the needs of several kids!

iHomeopathy. This app is your one-stop source for information on treating injuries such as burns, insect bites, rashes, and much more. If your child suffers a bite or allergic reaction, you can consult this app on how to treat it and whether it warrants a trip to the doctor. While stay home dads used to have to resort to consulting heavy at-home medical guides, this app makes it easy to find information to help your child from anywhere.

BabyBrain. For stay home dads with a new baby at home, BabyBrain is a great app for tracking your baby's activities. You will need to keep track of when your baby was last changed, fed, and when and how long she sleeps. This can be a lot of information to keep track of, but this app makes it easy to enter the data and keep track of your baby's needs.

iBear Baby. Stay home dads will want to record and keep track of their new babies' accomplishments—first step, first word, first experience with snow, etc. This app lets stay home dads store this information to pull up for other friends and family members later. Keep pictures of your baby, record weight growth, and put doctor's trips on your calendar all from one convenient app. Using this app along with BabyBrain can give you a detailed record of your baby's needs and activities.

Image Credit:  Stephen Poff, Flickr


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