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Best iPhone Apps for Parents

Updated on April 14, 2010

When I wrote about my love affair with my iPhone, many of you commented (as I knew you would) about my lack of app usage! Inspired by your enthusiasm for iPhone apps, I decided to dive in and start researching which ones might be cool to get. Here’s what I found. (Most are free, ‘cause that’s how I roll.)


Great Apps for Busy Parents

Jott (FREE):  Not sure I’d actually use it, but this looks promising. You hit record to send yourself a transcribed message via email. I’m hoping this turns into an audio tool for recording blog posts. Easier than sending yourself a voicemail.

White Noise Lite (FREE): When you need to relax. This app plays white-noise sounds. Sign me up for rain or waves.

Grocery IQ App ($1.99): I’m curious about this one, but is it really more efficient than my trust scrap paper? Its search engine of over 130,000 items is supposed to help me create the perfect grocery list and it organizes your list by aisle.

Pandora (FREE): Because I don’t have time to load my iPod. Pandora streams music to your iPhone based on your own personalized music station that plays your favorite songs and artists. Um… sweet!

Remember the Milk (FREE+): You can get a free version, but I imagine the premium has a lot more capability. I probably won’t use this because I’m really happy with, but I read that a lot of people really like this app.


Great iPhone Apps for Little Kids

Scribble (FREE):  Lets kids (or parents) draw with their finger right on the screen and then shake to erase, like an etch-a-sketch. Looks like fun.

Bubbles (FREE):  Make and play with bubbles. Lots of testimonials that this is perfect for distracting toddlers.

Preschool Adventure ($0.99):Super cute games like space shapes, farm sounds and animal matching. This seems like a life saver for life with toddlers.

Flashmath ($0.99):  Quick math problems with multiple difficulty settings from Kindergarten through 5th Grade.


Great Apps for New Moms

Baby Log ($4.99):  Records diaper changes, feedings, naps, and bathing and can be exported to an Excel spreadsheet for those truly alpha moms. I would have loved to have this when I brought my son home from the hospital.

Baby Monitor ($0.99):  This is the coolest thing I’ve ever seen. Just place the iPhone next to a sleeping baby, and voila – instant baby monitor. The moment your iPhone detects noise, it calls you at the phone number of your choice. (You’ll need a partner or another iPhone!)

Image Credit: William Hook, Flickr


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  • profile image

    tarek hijaze 6 years ago

    another app that not mentioned here is the "Baby Monitor Plus", gives a video/audio monitoring and taking a screens hots when baby wakesup also useful that can be run from ipod or ipad so you dont need to leave your iphone near the baby

  • profile image

    FQS 7 years ago

    Check out this iPhone / iPad app if you are a parent that brings your kids out to eat with other families. It's called Family Quick Sit and it eliminates the chaos at the table as everyone decides who is going to sit where.

  • profile image

    LanaParker 7 years ago

    Your list of best iPhone Adds for Parents is awesome and really helpful! Thanks for sharing.

    Like every sensible parent, I am concerned about my son’s health rather than educational or entertaining things. Regular sport exercises and outdoor activities should be set as highest priority. From there, I’d add uSwim application to your list:

    It shows parents how to teach kids to swim of all ages. The step by step videos and easy-to-follow lesson plans let me teach my son to swim without getting any swimming lessons, at our own pace and place.

    Moreover, it’s free!

  • profile image

    StartingMom 7 years ago

    Great list but let me just add more great free apps.

    For moms, Intuition aka "mom's personal assistant". Productivity app that does more than just listing your tasks and meetings. For toddlers, alphababy and I hear ewe! I was so elated when I heard my son imitate the sound of a bee via I hear Ewe!

  • profile image

    StartingMom 7 years ago

    Great list but let me just add more great free apps.

    For moms, Intuition aka "mom's personal assistant". Productivity app that does more than just listing your tasks and meetings. For toddlers, alphababy and I hear ewe! I was so elated when I heard my son imitate the sound of a bee via I hear Ewe!

  • profile image

    Claire 7 years ago

    Great Hub, thanks. Pandora is also my favorite, I also like this Baby Tracker App

  • profile image

    Mike 7 years ago

    Here's a (silly) great new app for parents with kids who are afraid of monsters:

  • profile image

    TrendyMediaGroup 7 years ago

    Great Hub! I agree on Pandora (listening right now) and Grocery IQ - well, it's a must have - even if you just use it to get the coupons. I also like - it's $0.99 but it has generated a lot of laughs with my 4 and 2 year olds.

  • profile image

    dev2art 7 years ago

    Floating Memory takes the classic game and turn it into something completely new with just one little adaptation: to make the tiles move around softly. ??The tiles are filled with beautifully drawn sea creatures which are hypnotizing to watch as they move around. In the first level you can comfortably track the tiles but in the higher levels the ocean gets crowded. The tiles start floating faster and wilder and the creatures start bouncing and bumping into each other...…?Just as Floating Memory, Floating MemoryHD contains three difficulty modes of 7 levels each. For iPhone and iPad

  • eltravose profile image

    eltravose 7 years ago from Florida

    Family Tracker all the way.

  • profile image

    alberto 8 years ago

    I've just bought "Baby Sleep Care", it is a great app to make your baby sleep better, a very goo election.

  • Rickturban profile image

    Rickturban 8 years ago from Kandahar Pass

    White noise lite - sounds like an app the americans would use to garner confessions...

  • profile image

    Ed 8 years ago

    I really like this for sending free SMS reminders to my teens.

  • profile image

    Michael-John Wolfe 8 years ago

    This timeout timer is a great app for parents of toddlers or young children:

  • profile image

    Arye 8 years ago

    One app I started using is BaseballCardMaker, which lets me make baseball cards of my kids on my phone.

  • profile image

    toldtwice 8 years ago

    ToldTwice is an iPhone app that allows parents to send free reminders to their children via SMS text messages.

  • profile image

    timeread 8 years ago

    I've been amazed at the iPhone apps that have been educations for kids. Thanks for pointing out some more.

  • profile image

    Mariano Capezzani 8 years ago

    Hi all,

    Please take a minute to check out an alternative to these apps, Babymate, which I recently posted on the iPhone App Store,

    You can also access my website ( for more details.


    Babymate short description:

    Babymate is designed to be minimalistic, visually balanced and appealing, easy and fun to use and, above all, full of interesting and well resolved features. It’s a tool to both measure and manage all your baby’s information and to understand and be informed about all aspect related to your baby’s development.

    It includes a growing collection of more than 140 short and concise knowledge articles to help parents on all aspects related to baby care.

    Among other features, it includes a quick look to all your baby info, several growth charts, percentile calculator, an event calendar with preloaded typical events, a graphical representation of developmental milestones, and an image library where you can store shots of your baby as he grows.

  • profile image

    Elsworth864 8 years ago

    Oh and I thought I should mention that YP is running a promotion right now -- a free Apple iPad to one of their facebook fans. The redirect to the site is at

  • profile image

    Elsworth864 8 years ago

    Pretty good hub!

    I do have to rave a bit about my favorite app, it makes my iPhone feel like a Swiss Army knife whenever I'm in a jam. It's the Yellow Pages App. Parents have been using the regular YP for years and now there is a free version that works on the iPhone. It even sorts search results with contact info based on how far they are from you (really neat) and gives you directions on how to get there (super neat). It’s a lifesaver for when you are out and about and need to find food, a bank, a pharmacy or a toilet! My family and I just got back from Hawaii and it saved our bacon several times.

    Here’s the (free) link to download, hope you like it as much as I have!


  • harrisdy profile image

    hdy 8 years ago from Texas

    great hub!

  • profile image

    John 8 years ago

    Thank you so much...being the busy parent I am this site is awsome! One of my other favorite site has this great list on the Best iPhone Apps at

  • profile image

    children's behavior 8 years ago

    I wish there was an app to change children's behavior ;-)

    This would save me a lot of trouble for sure :)

  • profile image

    disciplining children 8 years ago

    You got some really original apps here!


  • profile image

    Sam DenHartog 8 years ago

    It is exciting to see so much nice software out there for young children. EnsenaSoft also makes a lot of great iPhone apps for preschool/kindergarten age. I particularly like the Santa's Village app.

  • profile image

    mobicipc 8 years ago

    TIME magazine refers to the iPhone as "increasingly the source of forbidden fruit", referring to ubiquitous Internet access on the device. Today, "iPhone porn" is among the top iPhone related searches on Google. Apple released enhanced parental control features for the iPhone in the OS 3.0 version in response to these concerns. Third-party developers like Mobicip have created Safe Browsers for children than can be used in lieu of Safari.

  • cape16 profile image

    cape16 8 years ago

    thanks I will look into that!

  • Facebooklicious profile image

    Facebooklicious 8 years ago from United States

    Great info about quality Apps. We are focusing to developed some promising iPhone Apps. :) Thanks

  • profile image

    Bert F. 9 years ago

    There is a new app coming to the App Store called "My Kids Info". This app lets you keep track of all of your kids important things like: Weekly schedule, doctors contact info, babysitter contact info, Current medications, Allergies. Basically anything you can think of for your kids.


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