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What are the Best Cheap Mobile Phones Around and How to Look For Them

Updated on April 20, 2013

Technology has improved over the past decade. You may notice that more and more models and types of gadgets had surfaced. The turnaround has increased tremendously. A tech gadget is considered old after 6 months and obsolete after a year. With newer model of mobile phones every 3 months, the prices of the not-so-recent models have dropped. You can then take advantage of the best cheap mobile phones on the market.

Before you buy a newer mobile phone, take into consideration the features. Compare each model and brand of phones before deciding which one is right for you. Each brand has its own special features so you may want to think what is suitable for you. When it comes to features, do consider the following to look for best cheap mobile phones. You’ll be surprised at some of the features that some brands have that normally seen in expensive mobile phones.

Full Touch Screen Features

For full touch screen features, it could have Bluetooth, WI-Fi, high resolution camera, mp3 player, fm radio (though not often used), touch "qwerty" pad or keypad, answering machine, expandable memory, and quad-band. For keypad features, make sure that it has soft touch. It probably has adjustable font size, WAP enable or Wi-Fi enable, Bluetooth, mp3 player, high-resolution camera, dual-sim feature, expandable memory and other features. For non-camera features, soft keypad, colored screen with adjustable font size, fm radio, tri-band or quad-band, dual-sim feature (if it has any), torch and other features you think you need.

There are so many phone features out there. Most of them only differ in one or two features. It could be the pixel of the camera, the sound of the speaker, the dual sim capacity, the keypad, and the battery life. Average battery life of mobile phones of any brand is 3 days (not used frequently for calls) or longer (if idle). These features can be seen also on expensive phones. What exactly do you want in a phone is up to you. Brand names; like Nokia, Samsung, LG, Motorola, HTC, Blackberry, Sony Ericsson, iPhone, etc. also contribute to the phones prices. If you are up to the brand, you might end up having an expensive phone with a budget phone features.

Cheap Mobile Phones Compare Before You Buy

The best way to look for cheap mobile phones is to compare and look around. It is easy to get overwhelmed with mobile phones. It is stylish and can be customized. Expensive phones sure looks good and has great features, especially if you have the budget or not particular with the price. But for budget conscious, look for the features that suit you. There is definitely one budget phone out there exactly for you.


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