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Installing an Inverter for Laptop Screen

Updated on September 20, 2014

So, your screen on your laptop is very dim and the images are barely visible. This normally means that your inverter has gone bad. If the screen is black with no images visible, the problem is with the LCD lamp. This is a repair that calls for a computer repair shop because it is difficult requiring soldering.

On the other hand, if it is the inverter you can do the replacement yourself, There are four screws on the upper and lower corners of your screen frame, or five screws if you do not have a built in camera. Once you remove them you start at one corner and begin pulling gently to remove the frame. It will unsnap one section at a time until you have gone all the way around the screen and removed the frame from the screen.

Next, you will see screws holding the screen to the back panel. Remove the screws and separate the screen from the panel and then pull the screen apart from the panel. At the bottom of the panel, you will be able to see the inverter. It will be a green instrument about five inches long. To remove the inverter, simply unplug the connections at each end. Replace with new inverter and reverse the above.

So, what is the big mistake, you ask? Well, I ordered an inverter through eBay to save money and it came from China. Now, this was a new inverter and it was the correct one for my laptop. However, after installing it the picture on my screen was just as dim as before. I knew the inverter was correctly installed because there was an image on my screen, but figured that the inverter was bad just as my original.

I ordered another inverter from the manufacturer's parts division. I installed it and once again the image was the same dim image. I could not believe that I would receive two new inverters and they would both be bad. I started searching the Internet for other reasons that a screen would become dim and could not find anything.

One day, on a whim, I pressed my Fn key with my left hand and my brightness key with my right hand and held it down. To my surprise the screen lit up to full brightness! The only thing I can figure out is that when you replace the inverter the brightness control goes to zero. On newer laptops, however, you only need to press the brightness control key and not the Fn key.

Somebody needs to tell us these things. I hope this helps if ever you install an inverter.


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