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Bikinis Lead the Field in the Green House War

Updated on December 11, 2012

Solar Bikini

Photo: Splash/All Over Press
Photo: Splash/All Over Press

DOHA 2012

Considering the all but total failure of the conference on global warming in DOHA last week, I think that perhaps this hub now has even more meaning.

It is becoming alarmingly clear that the Nations of the world are finding it very hard to come up with any kind of meaningful agreement. This means that it even more important that any small steps to help must be welcome.

If large steps can't be taken, then perhaps it will be the small ones, regardless of how petty they may seem, that shall eventually save our planet.


According to Pravda.Ru, there is a bikini, designed by Andrew Schneider of Brooklyn that takes advantage of solar energy.

The “Solar Bikini” uses conductive threads and thin photo-voltaic panels. Fitted with a USB connector, it can be used to recharge iPods, iPhones and other gadgets.

It brings to the beach an old “chain mail” kind of look but a futuristic idea.



If you think the Bikini looks stylish or not is, as with all fashion, your own opinion but you cannot deny that it would appear to be useful attire.

I think that the concept of clothing as a potential source of energy is good. Even if we had “solar jackets” or “solar shirts” in the tropics, it wouldn’t win the war on global warming but at least it would be another weapon in our arsenal. Who knows what are next: solar blankets for our livestock?

The war to reduce global warming and nullify the greenhouse effects, is going to be a long one. However, all of us working together, thinking of new ideas and concepts is what will finally make us the victors.

If, because you are not a scientist, you are a little apprehensive in speaking out your ideas, always remember this:

Amateurs built the Ark.

Professionals built the Titanic.


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