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BlackBerry Bold

Updated on March 16, 2011


 The Blackberry phone is the most popular smart phone for a reason.  It has many features and looks very sleek.

Blackberry Phones

 The blackberry phone is one of the most popular smart phones due to all of its features. 

It has a digital camera, digital camcorder, voice recognition software, internet service, etc.  Most people do not know that you can also use it to get internet service on your computer by connecting a USB cable from your computer to your blackberry.  You can also talk or answer calls while using it on the internet which no other phone allows.

The sleek design is very soft in the hand but looks very stylish and is extremely rugged.  I have dropped mine many times with no problems or damage to the phone.  The graphics are excellent and you can send and recieve e-mails and text messages.

The blackberry gets an A in my opinion and beats the I phone hands down.


 The blackberry is the gold standard of smart phones.  It has all the features you will ever need and is very sharp looking.


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