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Blackberry Torch 9800 ~ New Smart Phone ~ New Blackberry Phone

Updated on March 14, 2011

Blackberry Torch

The Blackberry Torch 9800 is known as the best Blackberry phone around today.

It is more capable, versatile, and more productive.

It has many new operating features and a very sharp looking slider phone.

This Smartphone will be the first Blackberry phone that offers a touch screen display and a full keyboard.

The touch screen features a large screen with unique high-definition resolution.

The keyboard is a standard keyword that allows one to send text messages and emails, when there is no visible light.

Other features of the new Blackberry phone, includes 3G, Wi-Fi, a GPS receiver, a 5 megapixel camera, also a new improved web browser.

The new Blackberry phone has a keyboard that is well hidden beneath the screen.

The Blackberry Torch features a video recording system, LED flash and autofocus.

Some people choose to enjoy music on their new Blackberry phone.

The battery life is very strong and operates up to 30 hours.

The Blackberry phone accessories make it easier to stay productive and organized.

The accessories for Blackberry phones are reliable and made only for Blackberry phones.

The Blackberry phone cases are becoming more and more essential.

 It is a great solution to protect your Blackberry phone from everyday wear and tear.

The Blackberry phone case protects your phone from dents, scratches and accidents.

Operating System

BlackBerry has finally made improvements to the operating system of the new Blackberry phone.

The BlackBerry Torch operates using the BlackBerry 6 Operating System which is extremely faster and more reliable than the previous versions.

The BlackBerry version 6 Operating System would not be complete, without the effective universal search function.

To access the search function you can key in your keywords and your BlackBerry Torch will search for the keyword and display your request instantly.

With the improved features and capabilities built into the BlackBerry torch, it is very hard to reject this smartphone with its state of the art enhancements.

Smartphone Web Browser

BlackBerry introduces a new web browser that is capable of tabbed browsing and accurate display of HTML websites.

BlackBerry has made it possible to retain the advantages of their cell phones in the BlackBerry Torch, which features an enhanced graphical menu, including and extensive search function for social network integration.

Many users are able to stay active for longer periods of time on the social networks as the "Social Feeds" application works to gather updates and display them instantly in one view.

Smartphone Features

Another great improvement that comes on the Blackberry Torch 9800 is the videos that consists of high resolution enhancements.

There are many great features and improvements that are installed in the new Smartphone.

With the BBM system that the BlackBerry Torch uses, one will be able to send and receive messages instantly.

The user will see a "D" when the message is delivered and an "R" when the message is received.

This eliminates all of the guesswork of trying to figure out if someone received your message, and read it or not.

There are many different applications designed for the BlackBerry Smartphones.

Each user gains freedom to put their ideas into action and to allow full customization of the mobile phone, for a more personal touch.

The user will be able to choose from different ringtones, wallpapers, and other customizations that are available as well as add their own.

Mobile Phone

If you are looking for a mobile phone that is fully loaded with lots of great features.

I highly recommend you shop around and check out the latest and best deals on the BlackBerry phone prices and invest in a Blackberry phone, including a Blackberry phone charger and Blackberry phone software.

The Blackberry Torch phone is all that it is designed to be and more.

If you are a user of a BlackBerry Smartphone, or if you are a newcomer, you should give this phone a closer look and make it your next mobile phone.


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    • Cheryl J. profile image

      Cheryl J. 7 years ago from Houston, TX


      I agree the Blackberry phone rules Corporate America. I have one and it is awesome. A piece of the world at your fingertip. Thanks for your comment on my hubpage Blackberry Torch. I look forward to reading more of your writings.

    • JamesLynch profile image

      JamesLynch 7 years ago

      Blackberry phones have come a long way. In times past I only recommended it for corporate users. But they are trying hard to move mainstream. Nice research and explanations

    • Cheryl J. profile image

      Cheryl J. 7 years ago from Houston, TX


      Thanks for your comment on the Blackberry phone. It is a great phone with lots of selections. I agree Amazon has very good discounted prices on all phone accessories.

    • Peggy W profile image

      Peggy Woods 7 years ago from Houston, Texas

      This new Blackberry phone sounds fantastic! The discounted Amazon pricing on not only the new smart phones are good but when I was looking at the discounted pricing on the chargers and other pieces one would need...those prices are amazing! Very useful hub. Thanks!