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Block Website(s) On Internet

Updated on February 21, 2014

There are many reasons behind the need for blocking a website. For parents, blocking websites will help in restricting childrens from gaining access to adult websites. For employers, this is a way to increase their employees' participation. A lot of inappropriate contents are present on the internet. Some websites may contains explicit images/videos, and malwares like viruses, trojans etc. This simple tutorial will show you how to block a website on the most widely used internet browsers (Firefox, IE and Chrome).

Block a Website on Google Chrome:

1. Open Google Chrome.

2. From the Extensions page, install 'Chrome Nanny'.

3. After installing, right chick on the nanny button in the Chrome's address bar and click 'options'. A new window will appear.

4. In the space next to 'Block set name', enter the name of URL(s) that you wish to block.

5. Enter URL(s) that is to be blocked.

6. Specify a time of the day when these websites are to be blocked. If you want a particular website to be blocked at all times, enter '0000-2359.

7. Save the URL(s) and browse safely.

Block website on Mozilla Firefox:

1. Open Mozilla Firefox.

2. Open 'Blocksite' on add-ons page.

3. Click on 'Add to Firefox'. When the add-on has finished loading, click 'Install Now'. Restart Firefox if needed.

4. After restarting Firefox, from the menu bar go to tools >> Add-ons >> Preferences (Blocksite). Make sure that 'Blacklist radio', 'Enable Warning Message', 'Enable link removal' and 'Enable Blocksite' and buttons are checked.

5. You can restrict others from using this add-on by setting up a password.

6. Click 'Add' to enter the URL(s) that you want to block, and click 'Ok'. Repeat the same for blocking another site.

7. After completing the list, click 'Ok'. Restart Firefox and browse safely.

Block a Website on Internet Explorer:

1. Open the Internet Explorer browser.

2. From the menu bar, go to Tools >> Internet Options >> Content. Click 'Enable' in the advisor box.

3. Go to 'Approved Sites' tab and enter the URL(s) that you want to block. INSERT A * BEFORE EACH URL. For example, *

4. Enter a password.

5. Browse safely.

Block a website on all browsers:

Here is a method by which you can block a website on all browsers simultaneously.

1. Start >> All Programs >> Accessories.

2. Click on 'Command Prompt' tool. A DOS command box will be opened.

3. In the box, type "notepad C:/Windows/

System32/drivers/etc/hosts" and press Enter button. A notepad file will appear on the screen.

4. On the file, locate '' localhost''.

5. Under ' localhost', type the website that you want to block and prefix it with "".

For example, if you want to block, type: under " localhost".

6. Save the notepad file, and browse safely.


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