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Blockbuster By Mail: An Honest Review

Updated on October 1, 2015
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Christopher Rago has been writing articles on HubPages and personal blog for 5 years. Attends Full Sail University for Media communications.

Please Don't Bust Me

Is Blockbusters ambitious comeback something you should care about? Is it too late for them to jump in? With Netflix, Redbox, Gamefly, On Demand, Xbox Live, Playstation Network, Apple TV, and many other portals delivering games and movies whenever you want, anytime you want it, you'd think it would be tough to compete. But a part of me has hope..

But does Blockbuster have what it takes to survive ?

Seeing red for some reason guys?
Seeing red for some reason guys?
Don't you forget about me.
Don't you forget about me.

What the 'New' Blockbuster is.

Blockbuster offers a ton of streaming movies via the internet, as well as video games and Blu-ray disks (at no extra cost) directly to you via mail or store. You get new releases about a month sooner than Netflix to boot. You get it all for Ten bucks a month. Just three dollars more than Redbox.

That all sounds just fine and dandy but is it really worth it to veer off your chosen on demand video and gaming service you've already learned to love? The honest answer here is only time will tell.

I've had a Blockbuster membership for a few weeks now and honestly so far, it's been a great service. Netflix charges more for Blu-ray and doesn't do games by mail. Gamelfy is one game out for $15 bucks a month and doesn't do movies at all, streaming or by mail.

You're probably asking yourself what the selection is like and honestly it's pretty decent. Shows and movies are updated weekly and you can swap out movies on your queue at a store, whenever you want, bypassing waiting for the mail. I haven't used the store option only because the nearest one to me closed down before I could visit it. Hopefully this new angle will put back some of its fallen locations.

The Dark Side

Sorry, serious header I know, but for you gamers out there, it could be. I was excited to get to pick games that were recently released, sent to my doorstep, but alas, problems were a foot. Weird ones. Look with me.

As you can see, many of these games are coming out on Blockbuster months from now. What's the deal? I know these games are relatively new, but saying Rage is a New Release but not making it available now is misleading.
As you can see, many of these games are coming out on Blockbuster months from now. What's the deal? I know these games are relatively new, but saying Rage is a New Release but not making it available now is misleading.
Availability date= ?
Availability date= ?

Gears of War 3 is not even available yet. I'll wait until I actually get a game by mail to judge whether how good the quality of the service is regarding the companies gaming branch. I hope it's just because all of this is relatively new, and they just need time to make it to that 88 miles per hour. To the present at least.

All in all I'd say the service is right on track. It may be slow with getting games out right now, but they are coming and I'm sure it will work out. The movie and show selection is decent and getting better. You can sign up for Blockbuster today if you want. It's free for a month so you can try it out without risk. Just don't forget to cancel your membership if you don't want to be charged. And forget that last sentence if you want to keep it. At exactly $10.69 a month, it's not too bad of a deal.

Game Delivery Update

I recently received Deus Ex: Human Revolution after a "short wait" (around 4 days) and have had no problems so far. It took a while but they seem to be catching up with the people who want to use their service to rent games.

Will you try the new BB?

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Have you been on the Blockbuster busting wagon? Or thinking about joining?

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    • profile image

      Every man 6 years ago

      Blockbuster movies by mail has the worst customer service I have ever experienced.

      Please, save your money! Anything is better than what they are selling. I received 3 cracked movies and only 4 other playable movies in a months time and then they blew me off when I complained. Beware! and aty away

    • The Odd Spartan profile image

      Christopher Rago 6 years ago from Hamilton, NJ

      No problem. And yea all they really did bad on was not making games readily available. But I guess good things come to those who wait right?

    • j-u-i-c-e profile image

      j-u-i-c-e 6 years ago from Waterloo, On

      I used to work for BB. If ever the term 'dinosaur' could be applied to a company, this was it. I'm glad to see that Dish is starting to turn the company around. 'Bout freakin' time.

      Thanks for the inside scoop.