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Blog Marketing Success

Updated on August 16, 2012

Blog Strategies For Successful Blog Marketing

Blog marketing success is an essential element of any online business and one that can propel the success of a standard online venture, maintaining a blog can help you keep any followers or readers informed of any news, articles or updates from your business and also it can be used to draw in new readers through the search engines because each post can be wrote differently so that each keyword phrase aims at someone else specifically who search using other keyword types.

There are certain strategies around now that have always been around from the beginning of blogging plus lots of new social marketing strategies, this is an overview of some of them and how they can boost your blogs traffic and readers and bring in a reasonable amount of blog marketing success.

Blog marketing has many useful tricks and tips to help you on your way and it is through using nearly all of them combined you will benefit your blogging cause ten fold!

The first one that has stood the test of time through the life of blogging that started out as Weblogs is that classic - commenting on others posts, now unlike a select group of people who think that spamming any blog that will take a link to your site just isn't going to work at all in your overall strategy, first of all this is untargeted, links that won't particularly be relevant or even keyword relevant, so if you know this then you delete these comments from your blog, because you don't want your blog ranking for keywords like hair loss or something equally off topic.

When making comments on other blogs as part of your blog marketing success strategy, first you need to build up a folder on your bookmarks or favourites folder or even a collection of RSS feeds, which could be named related sites or an abbreviated name of your site and what the folder is, and in this folder you bookmark any good quality blogs that have your keywords or similar keywords and of course you want to aim for blogs that accept the two main things: your name and website url.

Now alot of blogs now adays are being more and more mindful of spammers and such and they add a small piece of code within their comments which is called a no-follow tag which stops the search engines from accessing the link and recognizing it as a link, but then some won't have the no-follow tag, but even then this is not important really because it is forming relationships with other bloggers that really matter.

Adding comments that add to a well thought out blog post is adding your opinion to the debate, by writing a good comment you are really showing that you understand what someone has written and enjoyed it that much you have commented on it, now what some bloggers do when this happens they email the commentor and thank them for commenting on their blog, this does one of two things, they are making the person who comments feel valued and noticed which is always a good thing an the second most important thing is you are making contact with another blogger.

So I do encourage you to set aside some time in the week to write thoughtful comments on a few blogs that you like or subscribe too as part of your successful blog marketing plan.

Start with mine if you wish...hint hint!!!

Affiliate Blog

Your Blogs Navigation Makes A Difference

On any blog there are blog posts and some banners, text links and some page links, but other than this what do you suppose you could add to make your blog more appealing to stop for awhile, you need to make it sticky, just like a static forum post that says "sticky"

You need to offer somewhere else to go once they read each post and thats were the blog plug ins come into play, you could offer related posts for the readers who are just there for the reading of your content specifically or a reader poll that asks a direct question on maybe the feedback of the post or something else, maybe you have other interactive features of your blog that you want to direct your readers to, a forum! a jobsboard or a competition!

By making it easier for the readers of your blog to navigate your site, you are creating a successful blog that people are going to stop on for longer than most visitors to any other blog who only has posts and a couple of ads in their sidebar.

Also if your writing is good and people find that they want to know more about you, then your blog should have a good about me page, which is also called the profile page, this adds to your blog in many ways. it gives a personal insight into who you are and maybe why you started the blog, plus it also puts a name to the face aswell as brands yourself to your own blog which is a good thing.

The Writing Of Regular Posts

Often it is said that the writing of regular blog posts can help your blog rise in the search engines and this is quite true, but remember that you do have to work hard now especially as there are millions of blogs now compared to five or so years ago, things are becoming quite competitive as more and more people discover the world of blogging.

What often stops most people from writing new content is either time or things to say and this can be overcome with such things as title and content planning, first I know that when I am blogging I always come up with the titles first and work from there, things become easier once you have a title because you have the starting point already, if you know the subject well then you should be able to write about a select topic from each title idea.

Content planning is more involved and can involve things like online research, note building, plus there are other things you want to achieve with your blog too, either you want to monetize it with affiliate programs selected specially by you or with some other contextual advetising to offset your useful content.

Keyword research is a must for the serious blogger and I find that finding pages of related keywords helps me with new blog post ideas too, I do a search with the google adwords research tool and just do some in depth keyword research, sure it does take time, but just think about all those poor bloggers who just can't be bothered to do this...Well you will fly past them in the search engines!

By maintaining a regular blogging rythmn you are also showing your readers that they will have something to keep coming back to, especially if they like your blog and subscribe to it's content or benefit from it, repeat traffic is something you should aim for on any site not just blogs, always be thinking in the back of your mind how you are going to bring back your regular readers.

Interlinking Archived Posts With Recent Posts!

Linking to other relevant blogs within your blog posts is a good one way linking strategy that pays off, but what about interlinking blog links from your own blog archive?

This is a good way of showing other blog posts that you wrote ages ago, some people can search back in the archives, but if you link to relevant blog posts that you blogged awhile back, this creates a relevance in the search engines eyes and people don't have to search alot., just follow the links, this is especially effective if you have readers who read your blog through a feed reader, because the feed only really has the actual blog posts and there is minimal advertising and not usually the sidebar of a blog cluttering up the space.

Keyword anchored text links help index your blog in the search engines for your main keyword and phrases, so that's why you should optimize all of your blog posts, even later on down the road you might consider re-writing or re-optimizing your posts to give your blog a boost.

The Blogging Marketing Poll

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Blog Post Marketing - Optimizing Your Blog Posts For The Search Engines - Watch This Useful Video!!

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    • chasemillis profile image

      chasemillis 6 years ago

      Good Hub and helpful video! I don't blog but this can definitely be helpful for getting good SEO rankings in google for my Hubs!

    • profile image

      enlightenup 8 years ago

      A great hub thanks!

      Check out a new social network for blogging marketers. I'd love it if you joined!