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Blogging After 6 Months Review

Updated on August 19, 2014

How and Why The Blogs Got Started

Without getting into my whole life story, I'll try and explain a little what I blog about and how becoming a blogger developed for me. Only about 9 months ago I realized I could write on-line and there was a chance to make money. Before this I simply was basically not on the Internet with a PC. I've always been a journal writer, so this opportunity was exciting.

After writing for a site called Allvoices for a few months learning the ropes on-line, I realized having a blog would be the best place to write and try to make money. Allvoices ended up not being a very good site to write for. So, I started a Blogger blog called The Lowdown Truth. It's motto is "Love of the truth in a world of lies."

After a month or so, I figured out I needed another blog to write reviews and other types of articles. The first blog was for news, views, and commentary. So I started A Writer's Review, and monetized this blog as well. A few months after this, I wanted another blog to write more freely and created Christian Blogger's Journal.

All three are monetized with Google Adsense, which I was approved for with the first blog. That is how the three monetized blogs I now have were started.


The Results in Stats.

As of today I have 53 posts with the first blog, 32 with the second, and 30 with the third, respectively. So a total of 115 articles. These are all articles over 400 words with pictures and many with videos and amazon capsules.

So, what's been the results? Well, first off I want to say that I really enjoy blogging and having a site where I can place all my stuff as a home base. Also, blogging is more than about making money for me, it's about informing people and telling them about Jesus Christ.

The results, yes, the results money wise after 6 months and 115 posts have been very disappointing money wise. I am somewhat content with the traffic and interaction I have been able to get, but as for making money, blogging has been on par with the paid emails I get through InboxDollars during the same time. I would have to estimate, but the totality of money I'v made from all three blogs and 115 posts is around $10-$15.

The Adsense traffic that registers is around 150-300 a week for all three blogs put together on average at this point.

The Alexa rating have been getting better for the last couple months, but have stopped improving now. First blog is around 5 million in the world, second is around 2.3 million in the world, and the third is around 2.3 million in the world. My Hubpages by the way, is 1.9 million in the world.

Those are the results of what I've been able to accomplish with my three blogs, stats wise.


The Problem

Although I haven't been prolific, I have learned and improved on my blogs along the way. I registered them in to directories, back-linked them with other sites, submitted them into the search engines, joined forums, pinged each article, and shared them in multiple social sites.

I don't have the best system, but I have been doing some work promoting them. At times, it does work and I will get a good response from an article. Other times, the article seems to just miss the boat. That happens here at Hubpages as well, it's just that an article here that misses the boat will at least likely make you around .30 cents, while a blog article will likely make you nothing.

Can't help but think what if I were writing more at Hubpages instead. There are some articles on my blogs, that are not really suited for Hubpages, yet there are many which I could have written here instead. I have 30 hubs at this point, so add another 50-70 and I would be at 100 by now. See, with HP I've been making about $8/month barely working the site.

See where I'm going with this?

This is the problem with blogging at this point for me. If I want to continue to write on-line as much as I do, or increase my writing on-line, then I need to make at least some money to justify this. Now, don't get me wrong, I'm not saying I'm entitled to it or I'm such a great writer to deserve a bunch of money for every precious word. No, I'm just saying, logistically I need to make money if I want to keep writing as much as I would like to.

Is Blogging Better for You Than Hubpages - Money Wise?

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The Solution

The solution to this problem for me is to focus on writing elsewhere and with other avenues, where I can make money on-line. I have to start from what I know, and improve on this.

Content writing is one of these avenues, another is Hubpages, another is selling items on Ebay and Amazon, and the others are sites like Webanswers, DailyTwoCents, RedGage, and even an e-book later down the road.

Now, don't get me wrong, I'm not forsaking my blogs. I will write in them on a limited basis, about one blog per month for each. Maybe for the first one I'll write two per month. Also, I will do my YouTube Vlog and music videos once a week as well. These are important for me to keep doing personally, and later they could also become more of an asset to my on-line money making venture.

This is the solution I've come up with, so that means Hubpages is going to be seeing more of me around. My goals here at Hubpages include being more interactive with the community and embracing this platform more overall. It has been a good experience for me so far, and I feel grateful for being able to write at this quality platform where so many good writers are.

Although content writing isn't my favorite thing to do, it does make some money and it also helps me become a better researcher and writer. I'll have to do some more hubs about content writing in the future as I'm planning on expanding the sites I work for. Until next time, keep writing and best wishes.

Good Choice!
Good Choice! | Source


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    • Lowdown0 profile image

      Robbie Newport 3 years ago from Eugene, Oregon

      I agree that Hubpages is a better earner, at least when you're not getting huge traffic with Blog. The rate though per thousand is less when Blogging, more like .0025 instead of .0045.

    • peachpurple profile image

      peachy 3 years ago from Home Sweet Home

      i found that blog earns less than hubpages. Do you know that I earned 30 cents at adsense for my blog while i earned $7 at Hubpages?