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Blogging Practices that can Assure Success

Updated on May 16, 2012

Every blogger wants to have a higher page rank. Blogging may seem simple yet there are complicated concepts that should be understood so you won’t end up wasting time, effort, and money. Always remember that high quality content is the main factor which drives more traffic to a blog. If many are interested about your topic, they’ll provide back links which adds credibility and authority on your blog. In most cases, targeting a certain keyword is not need as long as your blog has contents that many online users are looking for.

I know it won’t be easy particularly for a complete beginner so here are some proven effective practices to increase your blog’s visibility.

Keep your Blog Updated

The blog who can host the newest topics will definitely win the race in getting more traffic. If interesting news comes up, write about it. Being the first one to tell the story is a plus. Bloggers who are also interested in writing a post regarding the topic can refer to your article. They’ll provide a link of their source which only means more exposure for your blog.

Your Contents Should Entertain

A good blog is one that focuses more on reader satisfaction. If they like your posts from the first up to the last word, they’ll certainly come back for more. Keep you blog fun even if it mainly discusses serious topics. Humor is a great tool to grab the attention of online readers. Lighten up the conversation so your readers won’t find it hard grasping your main idea. If most of them end up smiling or browsing your blog for more, you are doing it right!

Encourage Readers to Leave Comments

An argument can drive more traffic to your site. However, don’t overdo it. Just be natural. If someone contradicts to what you have written, answer bac and explain your side. Always remember to be polite and don’t disrespect others just to keep the conversation rolling. As long as your subjects are relevant and new, a few bloggers will surely leave their comments. Be fair in treating criticism and praises. Don’t forget that both types of comments are indications that your blog post is interesting.

Blogging can be a potential stable source of income as long as you follow the right strategies. The ones mentioned above are mere basics, If you want to learn how blogging really works, create your own today! Experience remains to be the best teacher which is also applicable if you want to learn about blogging. The road won’t be easy yet there are online forums out there that are willing to help you out. You can also ask for advices from friends or relatives who have successful blogs. Having a glimpse of their adventure prior success is a great advantage as it will give you the chance to prepare. If you really want to earn from blogging, invest more time, effort, and even money for it. Good luck and may your blog be the next big online hit!


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    • Au fait profile image

      C E Clark 5 years ago from North Texas

      Some good advice here. You have a wide variety of hubs to choose from and it was hard for me to decide which one to read first! I'll have to come back for some more.

      Voted up and will share with my followers!