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Bluetooth Options for MP3 Players

Updated on June 21, 2015


MP3 players typically tout features such as photo viewing, video recording and playing and of course holding thousands of songs. The one feature missing is Bluetooth connectivity. Surely there is a good reason for leaving out the one feature that would really make a huge difference – maybe the manufacturers think that the sound quality may be less than perfect.

Why is Bluetooth Connectivity Better?

Earphones included with most MP3 players are not one size fits all. What difference does it make which pair is used – they all hurt. It is impossible to get a pair of earbuds to stay in when your ears are smaller than those intended to wear them.

Then there are the wires that get tangled in zippers and flop around when exercising. I have tried wearing the cord to my iPod earbuds underneath my shirt in the summer and my jacket in the winter.

As long as you are within 33 feet of the MP3 player using a Bluetooth adapter and a pair of Bluetooth enabled headphones the music should come through loud and clear. If there is some kind of interference the distance may be less however.

How to get Bluetooth on an MP3 Player

The Sony Bluetooth Wireless Transmitter for iPods is an option for anyone owning an iPod Touch, an iPod classic, a fourth generation iPod, a fifth generation iPod, the iPod Nano first generation through the third generation and the iPod mini music devices. An iPod with a 30-pin connection should work.

The JayBird Bluetooth Adapter for MP3 Players works on any MP3 player or other device that has a 3.5-mm headphone jack such as a PC, a Mac or home theater. This adapter requires the use of the (weather resistant) JayBird JB-200 Bluetooth Stereo Headset which comes with the required charger as well.

The JayBird Bluetooth Adapter for iPod to be used with the JayBird JB-100 Bluetooth Stereo Headset is compatible with several versions of the iPod. The compatible iPod versions include the Nano first through the third generation, the iPod classic fifth generation through the sixth generation and the iPod Touch first generation.

Most Bluetooth Headsets will work with Most Bluetooth Devices Such as Cell Phones

It is unfortunate that getting Bluetooth to an MP3 player is so difficult when it is so easy with a cell phone. Finding an adapter that fits the multiple versions of MP3 players is a challenge but it is possible for many MP3 players. Bottom line, it is important to check for compatibility before purchasing.

It is true, many cell phones play MP3s. I own an iPhone 3G and it would be very easy to listen to music over my Bluetooth headset. The battery life of my phone is a concern so I have been on the search for a Bluetooth option for my iPod classic. Hopefully my search results will help one of you reading this. If you have any further ideas please leave comments.


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