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Bose AE2i Headphones Review

Updated on October 28, 2012
4 stars for Bose AE2i Headphones
Bose AE2i review
Bose AE2i review

Bose’s headphones are used in the recording studios as their noise cancellation equipped phones are best in the market. But those things are pricy and for professionals. There are Bose’s offerings for average Joes like you and me too. Bose AE2i is such a headphone. To tell you the truth, actually AE2i is nothing but the iPhone optimized version of AE2. They are not at all priced high and are of superb quality.


Bose is not popular among youths. They sell products to the middle aged with thick wallets. That is why Bose’s products are all designed conservatively. But AE2i is quite different. It is no doubt the best looking headphone from Bose. It will surely appeal the younger people. But they are not overly stylized too. Bose has not grown crazy to offend its traditional customer base.

Bose AE2i
Bose AE2i

Build Quality

We cannot expect craps from Bose. It was not possible for AE2i to be of poor build quality. This headphone is lightweight and very comfortable to wear for long time. This headphone is made from plastic and some aluminum. The padding is done by synthetic leather which is very soft and comfy to human ears.

For your comfort the grip of the headphone is very light. But this light feather touch makes it not very suitable while exercising. While running, this headphone may move a bit from ears. If you do not mind adjusting its position once or twice then you can use Bose AE2i for occasional jogging.

The headband is not very thick. Though it is strong and seems that it will not snap in the middle anytime soon. The headband is covered with fabric. It does not stick with hair.

The headphones are equipped with a 1.7 Mt cable. It is thin but not thinner than most other headphones.

Apple Adaptability

The A2Ei is specially designed for Apple products. Apple i-devices like iPhones, iPads and iPods are supported with it. It has an inline remote and microphone. You can adjust the volume, receive or end calls with it. The microphone and remote system works fine with iPhones.

Sound Quality

Bose A2Ei can produce very clear sound. Bose has tuned up the speakers in such way which controls the sound according to human ears functioning. That is why midrange frequencies are a bit muffled. The curve is bend in the middle. That is why the sound is so clear. But it also results in some lost details in midrange. If you want very deep bass then it will not satisfy you too much.

There is no noise cancellation technology in it. But the outside noise is blocked very well by the closed grip. But if you are travelling by bus then you need to increase the volume a bit.


No, AE2i is not a headphone with active noise cancellations. But still it offers very much value for money, which is not expected from Bose, a company known for overpriced items. The sound quality is excellent but the unique selling point of this thing is comfort. Wear it for 6 hours and still you shall not feel uncomfortable. If you needs a pair of good headphones then you can go for it.

AE2i is,no doubt, one of the best headphones available today.

Bose AE2i Video Review


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