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Best Headphones of 2012 -13

Updated on October 31, 2012
Best Headphones
Best Headphones

Is there anybody who does not know what a headphone is? If yes, then for that fellow exclusively I am going to quote Wikipedia, the online bible of knowledge: “Headphones are a pair of small loudspeakers that are designed to be held in place close to a user's ears.” Here we are going to enlist the best headphones of 2012-13. If you are a music lover and always seen with some wires hanging from your ears then you surely going to be appreciate this list.

If you do not like my best headphones of 2012-13 lists then you are free to open your mind. I am waiting for your comments about it. No more, go on and read it, cheers!

Best Headphones at $200 -$150 Price Range

Bose AE2i

Bose is a renowned name in audio equipments. Bose AE2i is a high quality headphone which will enhance your music listening experience. The clarity and depth of sound is of very high quality. This headphone is best suited for Apple users because it has some Apple special supports. If you are an iPhone user then you can take calls while listening to music by using the remote underneath the microphone. It supports various models of iPhones, iPads and Macbooks. Bose 2i is no doubt one of the best headphones of 2012-13.

Sony MDR-NC500D

Sony Electronics Corporation of Japan has a long history of building elite quality audio systems. Sony MDR-NC500D has the digital noise cancellation function. If you switch on the noise cancellation circuit then the system can reduce noise up to 93.7%, pretty impressive. The headphone is slim and portable. Because of the A-class noise cancellation system Sony MDR-NC500D can be used in noisy environments like public transports, roads etc.

Warning: Do not drive any car while wearing these headphones, you shall not hear any sounds of other cars.

Sennheiser PC 350 Gaming Headphones

The design of these headphones is such that it would shut large portions of outside noises. The ear cups of this device are large for comfortable wearing during many hours of gaming. There is a microphone attached with the headset. Overall, Sennheiser PC 350 is a good buy.

Best Headphones 2012 Under $150

Sennheiser HDR 170

Sennheiser HDR 170 is one of the best headphones available in the market under $150. It is a wireless headphone set. It needs two nonstandard batteries to run. The headphone has very good signal pickup and clarity.

Audio Technica ATH-ANC7B

Audio Technica’s ATH-ANC7B has active noise cancellation system. The noise cancellation system works up to 90% efficiency. The headphones are light weight and compact. The shapes of the headphones cup are such which will be fitted to any ear. The headphones set is nicely constructed and looked durable.

Best Headphones Under $100

Sennheiser HD-280 PRO Headphones

HD-280 PRO headphones from Sennheiser are a set of closed, dynamic stereo headphones. The sund reproduction of the system is very good and clear. The design is very space saving and travel friendly. The set is constructed ruggedly for longer life. The headphones can produce accurate sound even from mobile phone inputs.

Sony MDR-V6 Monitor Series Headphones

Sony MDR-V6 Monitor Series is a very popular one. It has 10 feet long oxygen free copper cable which drives high quality signal to the speakers for years without degradation of quality over time. The frequency response range of this device is very wide: 5 Hz to 30 kHz.

Audio-Technica ATHM40FS Precision Studio Headphones

ATHM40FS is a professional quality headset. This unit has very flat and wide frequency response. It can handle very high inputs and can produce very loud sounds (save your ears!). It has a 11 feet protected wire.

Great Headphones Below $50

Sony MDR-V150 Monitor Series Headphones

Sony MDR-V150 is specially designed for long listening sessions. This low cost headset can produce sounds like the high end headphones. There is a fixed stereo miniplug with it. MDR-V150 produces rich sound over a large spectrum.

Sennheiser HD201 Lightweight Over-Ear Binaural Headphones

HD201 is a good investment as it pays you back with superior sound output than its price. It is noted for rich and crisp bass reproduction. It is very comfortable to wear because of light weight.

JVC HARX700 Precision Sound Full Size Headphones

JVC HARX700 reproduces deep bass sound. The sound output is noted for its dynamic range. There is a 3.5m long cord with gold plated plug. They are great for money.

How do you thing folks? Do you like these headphones or you hate these? What are your phones anyway? Which are, according to you are the best headphones of 2012 - 2013? I am waiting for your reply.

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