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Bubblews Review.

Updated on November 12, 2014


Bubblews review
Bubblews review | Source

This is a review written by me, about Bubblews, with my experiences, I have faced there. Many people in the internet, has a question, "Whether Bubblews is a scam website or not?". I was a member of Bubblews for more than 6 months. So, This review will show the real facts, behind the working of Bubblews. I have written more than 600 writings, to make myself a "Successful Writer" in Bubblews.

Lets see, how far, I was successful in writing for that website.

Be careful with this website

scam, alert, block
scam, alert, block | Source

How I started my work in Bubblews?

A few months ago, I have searched for some online money making website, then, I have found out Bubblews in workers on board, So, I joined, and started writing articles, to earn some money from the website.

I might have opened an account in Hub pages, an year ago, But, I was unable to provide any articles, Because, I just want to earn with in short time, So, I opted Bubblews, to make income, quickly.

Irritating Rules of Bubblews

1. 400 Characters

Basically, any website will accept articles from its users, if there contains even 150 words, in their writings. But, apart from other websites, Bubblews just need articles, which were above 400 characters, So, Every one there, started writing some non sense, just to see, whether they have reached the minimum number of characters, to get their post published.

2. No Support Team

One of the worst things, we will ever find in Bubblews, There exists no Support Team, which will hear to our mails. If we have any problems, in the website, then we must stay calm, with out complaining to the support team.

Even, If we try to write to them, then, its worthless, to expect reply from them. Because, they don't have enough time, to look after your mails, and complaints.

But, if you ask them, for your missing redemptions, then you will definitely get a message from the support team, saying that, your account has been deleted for so and so reason.

3. No one can complain against Bubblews.

You have got some problem with your account, and you want it to be resolved soon. So, You made a complaint about your problem, and you have requested them, to fix it soon. You have waited long, expecting a reply from the member support.

But, there was no sign of reply from them. So, You started shouting at them, asking them, to fix your problem as soon as possible. But, The consequences, you will face is "Your account has been deleted, for abusing the system". Being a member of that website, you have got the right to complaint about your problems, with the system, But, Bubblews will definitely delete your account showing some silly reason, just to skip your payment.

4. Missing Payments

This is the real fact, every one have to keep in their minds, before starting your work there. You might have heard many people getting paid for their work in Bubblews. It might be a known fact, But, the actual reason behind it is as follows:

There were more than 2 lakh accounts in Bubblews, And they will pay only to 2000 members, and there members will post that they have got money from Bubblews, So, the remaining will think that, they will also be paid for their work.

So, They will start writing posts for Bubblews, and expects some money from Bubblews. But, After a few days, they will soon realize the real strategy of Bubblews, So, Its just a waste of time and money, to think of a website, which has never been good to its members.

Hard Work, But No Money

no money, fake, scam
no money, fake, scam | Source

My account has been deleted

I have started writing articles to Bubblews in the month of May, 2014. And a week ago, my account has been deleted, due to "Leaving Spam Comments". But, I have never commented on any one's article.

Before July, 2014, there were no specified rules for comments, So, every one will comment in their own way. But, in the month of July, Bubblews has introduced comment rules, "A comment must be genuine and related to the article, and it must be more than 40 characters".

Due to the above rule, I have stopped writing any comments on others articles. But, they have deleted my account, as they have to pay me more than 800 dollars, for the work, I have done there.

There were more than 12 missing payments from Bubblews, But, I have not stopped my work there. But, Suddenly, they have deleted my account, with out giving me a chance to speak up.

Is Bubblews legit?

I have seen many members saying that, Bubblews is a legit website. But, I don't want to cheat others, saying that it is genuine.

Bubblews is a scam website, It will not pay its members, who follows all its rules, and, If we request for our payments, we will not be answered even for a single time. and Sometimes, if you request about your missing payment, you will get a mail, saying that, "Your account has been deleted".

Bubblews cannot pay all of its members. So, It was not sure, whether a member of that website, will be paid or not. It was just a random selection. You are a bit lucky, you will be paid. Otherwise, you have to wait, until you realize, it as a scam website.

Better, Late than never, know the real facts of Bubblews, and stop your work there.

Confusing Website.

I might have joined the website, even after knowing that, It has been facing many issues likes payments, unusual deletion of accounts etc. But, I just thought, that, People were complaining against the website, as they were unable to follow their rules.

So, I started an account, and started learning its rules completely. I have written an article, and waited for, what will happen to my account? Surprisingly, Nothing happened to my article and my account. So, I continued my writing my work there.

Basically, if we violate any rules in any website (except Bubblews), they will inform us, about our violation, and asks us to fix it. But, if we violate any rule, unknowingly, they will simply delete our account, and will not pay us.

If you haven't violate any rules, and your account is active. If there exists any missing payments, you are not supposed to complain it to the support team. Because, Even, if you complain, they will not give you any reply. You have to wait for your payment, as long as it takes.

This will put any person in a state of dilemma, whether to continue their work or not. Because, there were no clear indications, to show that, he can be paid some day.

Is it a Member Support?

One of the strange things, we will find in Bubblews website, is Member Support account. I don't know, why Bubblews has a member support account, who doesn't help its members. I have more than 12 missing payments, from Bubblews, So, I have complained the member support about my payments. It has been more than 3 months, But, they were too busy to reply me, So, I have stopped asking them any more.

On the day, when my account was deleted, I just asked them, what makes them, delete my account? With in 3 hours, i got a mail showing some fake proofs, that, I had violated their rules. In reply to their mail, A mail has been sent by me, giving them a clear explanation, that my account has been deleted for wrong reason. But, No reply from the Support Team.

It is better to stay calm, than to send an mail to support team, Because, Both will give the same answer, nothing. Bubblews has no right to use the word "Violation", Because, The owners of the Bubblews were violators, and the members working for Bubblews were violators. But, they will complain its users, saying that, they have violated some rule. And, if any asks them, any thing in a informal way, then, the account has been deleted, in the name of "Abusing the system".

Bubblews Scam

Is Bubblews a scam website

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Ratings, you will give to Bubblews

2.5 out of 5 stars from 4 ratings of Bubblews

Worst Rules

rules, strange, Bubblews, scam, website
rules, strange, Bubblews, scam, website | Source

Never Expect a Good Thing from a Bad Person

Last, But not the least, I would like to say, some words to the people, who wants to create an account in Bubblews.

Bubblews is not a genuine website, that pays all of its members. You will not be paid for your hard work. But, the website holders will earn money for the work, you will do for them. So, Stop thinking of your work there.

Before starting your work in Bubblews, try to read as many reviews as you can, about that website, and its missing redemptions. You can find a petition filed against Arvind Avi Dixit, CEO of Bubblews, as many members has lost huge money there. They have been waiting for their money since many months, But, There was no reply from the Bubblews Support Team.

Never Expect a good thing from a bad person, but, Expect a bad thing from a good person. So, Expecting your money from Bubblews, is really a waste of time. You can search for some other website, to show your writing skills or to make your dreams come true.

There were many ways to prove yourself, that you were a successful online income earner. Don't waste your time in Bubblews. If you don't believe in my words, then, you will sure realize your mistake, with in no time.

© 2014 Sai Chaitanya


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    • profile image

      Pat Mills 

      4 years ago from East Chicago, Indiana

      I won't say Bubblews is a scam - I'll just say unprofessional. I've been unable to sign into my account since July, and the only responses to my queries have been automated. I don't expect to return.

    • chaitanyasaivb profile imageAUTHOR

      Sai Chaitanya 

      4 years ago from INDIA

      Oh. So you have been paid, Great. You might be one among those 2000 members, who have been paid from Bubblews. But, Never separate people in the name of country. Its not fair to say that, Most of the people from the above countries were trying to scam Bubblews. There were many legitimate writers for Bubblews, whose accounts were deleted, intentionally by the Bubblews, as they don't have enough money, though these writers have followed all the rules. Its not a problem, that you have been paid, But, try to feel the pain, who has not been paid for their hard work.

    • Bill Yovino profile image

      Bill Yovino 

      4 years ago

      Bubblews is not a scam. I have been there for 2 years and have had no issues with them. There are many people from India, Vietnam, and other areas of the world who have tried to scam Bubblews and have been caught and have their accounts deleted. Most times do to violations of terms of service and/or plagiarism. It can be easy to spot. These scam writers have beautifully written posts but have obvious spelling and grammatical errors in their bios and comments. I've not known a single legitimate writer who has had their account deleted

    • chaitanyasaivb profile imageAUTHOR

      Sai Chaitanya 

      4 years ago from INDIA

      Buildreps, I agree with your words. Most of the hard working people, starts their work in Bubblews, hoping that they will be paid, once they reach the threshold limit of 50 dollars. But, Bubblews will delete their account, when they have 48 or 49 dollars in Bank. But, as they stopped payments, there is decrease in the web traffic. And every new user, must know the scam of Bubblews, just to save their time and thoughts.

    • chaitanyasaivb profile imageAUTHOR

      Sai Chaitanya 

      4 years ago from INDIA

      Paul Kuehn, Thanks for writing in. I have got more than 10 payments from Bubblews. So, I just thought, it will continue its payments. But, after the introduction of new payment system, It has stopped paying its members, who were having missing redemptions. And I have not been paid since August 26th. They were more than 12 redemptions. I may not be sure, whether you will receive your payments or not? But, Hope, you will be paid, as your active is active.

    • chaitanyasaivb profile imageAUTHOR

      Sai Chaitanya 

      4 years ago from INDIA

      suzettenaples, Even no will have a idea, of How Bubblews select 2000 members, But, It cannot pay all of its users. We can find many bad reviews about Bubblews, and the bad experiences of the people, who have tried to earn something from Bubblews. I have lost more than 800 dollars.

    • Buildreps profile image


      4 years ago from Europe

      Finally some intelligence again here on Hubpages about Bubblews. Good observation, since I saw so much ignorance among Hubbers here about this issue.

      The calculations on my Hub show there are only around 1000 authors on Bubblews, while many other people try to earn money. The 200k-250k other's generate together 2 to 2,5 $Million on Ads to pay the owners and the 1000 shills. These figures are bullet proof.

    • Paul Kuehn profile image

      Paul Richard Kuehn 

      4 years ago from Udorn City, Thailand

      I have recently written a hub about my experiences on Bubblews. I joined in August of 2013 and did not receive my first $25 redemption. I then received all of my redemptions up until the redemption of Sept 7 of this year. I now have 5 outstanding redemptions totaling $270. If I don't get paid by the end of the year, I will know for sure that Bubblews is a scam.

    • suzettenaples profile image

      Suzette Walker 

      4 years ago from Taos, NM

      chaitany: I am sorry to hear of your negative experience with Bubblews. I do not write for Bubblews simply because the quality of most of the writers there is so poor. I had no idea they only pay 2000 members and how they determine the 2000 would be interesting to know. I certainly would not stay with a website that is not supportive or ignores your inquiries and then deletes your account. Thank you so sharing your experiences with Bubblews.

    • chaitanyasaivb profile imageAUTHOR

      Sai Chaitanya 

      4 years ago from INDIA

      It might be a hurting fact for any one, who started their work with Bubblews. Because, It has wasted both time and hard work, of their members, and even, they haven't been paid for their activity.

    • fpherj48 profile image


      4 years ago from Beautiful Upstate New York

      Hello Chaitany.....I have read both positive and negative reviews of Bubblews. Of course, those writers who are being paid regularly for their work, have all good things to say. I have realized though, that there have been far more people very disappointed and frustrated with the issues that you present in your article.

      My own experience with Bubblews, although only a few months, was more than enough for me to see that it is not the place where I wish to spend my time and efforts. I was never able to feel comfortable nor did I approve of their "hit or miss" system.

      The mere fact that they have proven repeatedly that they cannot be trusted, have no support system and arbitrarily delete accounts for fabricated reason, was enough for me to stop and never go back.

      Thank you for your insight. UP+++shared. Peace, Paula

    • chaitanyasaivb profile imageAUTHOR

      Sai Chaitanya 

      4 years ago from INDIA

      Thanks PinoyMom, for writing a review on Bubblews. It must be published, as every one has to know its scam.

    • chaitanyasaivb profile imageAUTHOR

      Sai Chaitanya 

      4 years ago from INDIA

      Thanks DDE, for your valuable comment. I wrote on Bubblews too, and I have many missing payments. They have deleted my account, just to skip my payment.

    • chaitanyasaivb profile imageAUTHOR

      Sai Chaitanya 

      4 years ago from INDIA

      Thanks online4. Even, I want to write much more hubs on Bubblews scam.

    • PinoyMom profile image

      Shiela Gerona 

      4 years ago from Philippines

      I also created a review of Bubblews here. I hope it will be published tomorrow. Informative hub.

    • DDE profile image

      Devika Primić 

      4 years ago from Dubrovnik, Croatia

      I wrote on Bubblews and did not receive any payment. I am in the right place. HP is my best. Thank you.


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