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Build My Own Website

Updated on September 26, 2009

Getting Started

So you've decided that its time you "Build My Own Website" and you want to get started.  One of the first things to think about when building a website is what do you want the website to do. 

Often, before I build my own websites, I'll think about the different approaches I may take and what I really want to get out of the site.   In many cases, a website is just a collection of information about a topic or company.  These websites are simple in that they don't require a lot of interaction or "code" to collect and present data to visitors. 

Static "Information" websites are the easiest way to start building your own websites.  For these types of sites I suggest using wordpress, blogger, or other online website tools that are available for free. 

The reason I suggest starting with a free service is that often when people ask me, "how do I go build my own website" I find out they don't want to put money behind something they're not sure about.  Often these free services are a great way to get use to how websites work and how content on these sites are managed. 

Build My Own Website to look like these
Build My Own Website to look like these

Building My website

After you've selected the service you want to go with, in many cases building the website is as simple as signing up for a free account or opening the software you selected on your desktop. iWeb is a very user friendly system and has a number of iWeb Templates are available to help you quickly get an attractive looking site up and running.

If you're going to get more technical and have the skills needed to build a site, just start moving. Purchase a domain from godaddy or other domain selling organization, purchase a hosting plan or host it yourself, create the database and start putting the code together.

If you need more than a free hosted account, and don't have solid development skills, think about hiring a web design company. I know companies like Mangoco create solid website designs, host, manage, and develop sites for their clients. You just tell them what you want and they'll do the rest.

SEO and your New Website

One of the most important things to remember when you start on your effort to "build my own website" is to remember to make it friendly with Search Engines like google. 

Search Engine Optimization has huge benefits in the long term for the success of a company.  Search Engines is the main way that people can find your website.  In fact, many of you probably found this site and article through a search engine.  If your site is not easily accessed and recorded by a search engine, then it won't know what to show people looking for it. 

Like web design companies, there are a number of SEO firms out there that can help you with your effort to build out a site that is SEO optimized. 


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