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Business Laptop Cooler

Updated on May 9, 2010

Business Laptop Cooler

Business Laptop Cooler
Business Laptop Cooler

Why Does Your Company Need a Business Laptop Cooler

Buying a business laptop cooler is an unknown necessity in today's business world. With spiraling business laptop maintenance costs required to keep any business running smoothly, it is imperative that a company looks to reduce hardware maintenance costs in any way possible.

A business laptop cooler can be used to massively reduce laptop hardware failures and loss of possible business critical data which comes with it.

Laptops are very susceptible to overheating, especially as more and more powerful modern components are placed in smaller and smaller plastic cases. This can cause a noticeable decrease in laptop performance in a matter of months, This decrease will nearly always inevitably lead to component failure, be it memory, hard drive, or CPU. While all of these will often mean an expensive replacement, the failure of a hard drive can also result in a loss of valuable data, and could cost your company hundreds of man hours.

A good quality business laptop cooler will not only provide your company with more efficient and reliable laptops, but a business laptop cooler will also give your company a professional and modern image.

Zalman Business Laptop Cooler

The Zalman notebook cooler range is probably one of my all time favorite business notebook cooler brands. They look stylish, have great cooling power, produce next to no noise, and most important have near perfect reliability.

This may seem like a perfect combination, however business Zalman laptop coolers do come with a fairly heft price tag which can run up to $60. 

For this reason many people prefer to buy cheaper laptop coolers, however these can often need replacing after several months, when the fan bearings start to wear out, and the noise begins to increase.

The amazing reliability of the high quality fans on the Zalman business laptop cooler are the reason that they are not only the most silent laptop cooler fans, but that they also stay silent for years of use.

Antec Business Laptop Cooler

Where Zalman peformed well in reliability and low noise, the Antec Business Notebook Cooler, named the Antec Designer, is a cheap Business Laptop Cooler, that still provides great quite business laptop cooling.

The Antec Designer Business Laptop Cooler is made out of cheaper components than the Zalman, however it still manages to stay reasonably quiet, and there are few complaints about the Antec's seasoned reliability. The Antec Designer business laptop cooler has one real defining factor however, it might not pack much of a cooling punch, but it's looks are second to non. The Antec Designer notebook cooler has had it's design perfectly crafted to ensure stylish business-like looks.


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