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Laptop Cooling

Updated on March 15, 2011

Laptop Cooling

Laptop Cooling
Laptop Cooling

Introduction to Laptop Cooling

While laptops have been around for a while now, there are increasing problems with overheating as laptop cooling simply cannot keep up with the stupendously hot components which are being inserted in to the cramped laptop space.

For this reason laptop cooling is a very important part of any new laptop purchase. With most new laptops now the basic inbuilt laptop cooling will fail after around a year, and if you feel the temperatures on the underside of a laptop you will understand why.

High temperatures can have a huge negative affect on your laptops performance and stability. It is well known that high temperatures inside a laptop can have serious side effects such as,

  • Hard Drive Errors
  • Complete Hard Drive Failure
  • Memory (RAM) Failure
  • Slow Laptop Performance
  • Motherboard Failure
  • CPU Failure
  • And More!

This sounds like a daunting list of problems, and it really is.  Any single one of these issues can be costly to fix, and in many cases you will lose all of your data.  Fortunately there are a few things you can do to help prevent laptop cooling problems, and help keep your laptop running fast and crash free.

Laptop Cooling Tips

There are a few laptop cooling tips which can help you keep your laptop cool and running smoothly. Laptop cooling is essential in all modern laptops, and with these simple laptop cooling solutions you will be able to keep your laptop cool.

Laptop cooling usually comes under two categories, the first is cleaning, the second is external.

Cleaning is a simple, but temporary, solution for keeping your laptop cool. Using a can of compressed air you can regularly clean the air vents, fans, and internal components. When the dust has been cleared from your components it allows them to 'breath' and lose the heat which builds up so quickly in your computers most delicate areas. It also helps prevent 'strangulation' of your internal laptop cooling fans, which can become clogged by dust.

A more permanent and reliable laptop cooling fix is to buy a laptop cooler. A laptop cooler is the best way to achieve laptop cooling, and usually works by having a metal base with two fans below it, which help to dissipate heat, and increase airflow. While a notebook cooler is by far the best laptop cooling solution, there are a lot of options you need to consider to find the best notebook cooler for your needs!

Best Laptop Cooler for Laptop Cooling

Choosing the best laptop cooler for your laptop cooling needs is often a difficult task, and you might want to check out my hubs on the best laptop coolers and laptop cooler brands.

There are plenty of different laptop coolers to choose from, but in the end you simply have to ask yourself, what kind of laptop cooling do I need?

Some laptop coolers are deathly quiet, others are powerful, and will heavily reduce your laptops temperature. Other laptop coolers are simply functional, allowing you to change your cooling so it's only there when you need it.

Whichever laptop cooling method you use, a laptop cooler is one of the best ways of getting that all important temperature drop which can help prevent laptop component failure.

Quiet Powerful Laptop Cooling

One of the best ways to achieve quiet and powerful laptop cooling is to use a Zalman notebook cooler. Zalman laptop coolers are a fantastic way to keep your laptop cool, without creating a huge amount of noise.

Zalman notebook coolers are well regarded as the best laptop cooling solution, thanks to their quiet but powerful fans, and strong and efficient cooling capability.


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    • thisisoli profile image

      thisisoli 7 years ago from Austin, Texas (From York, England!)

      Just so you know, the elite in laptop cooling, the Zalman NC3000 has now been released!