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Buy Canon PowerShot SD1400IS 14.1 MP Digital Camera

Updated on January 1, 2011

Canon PowerShot Digital Camera Features

Are you a photographer?, are you looking for an outstanding digital camera?, Are you looking for a Camera with 4x Wide Angle Optical Image Stabilized Zoom and 2.7inch LCD? if your answer is yes then Canon PowerShot SD1400IS 14.1 MP is the Digital Camera to go for. Now let's look at some of the outstanding features of this Digital Camera.

PowerShot SD1400IS 14.1 MP has a 720 HD movie shooting capability plus HDMI output, it also has got a Smart Auto intelligently selects from 22 predefined settings that makes it easy to work with and PowerShot SD1400IS 14.1 MP new scene modes such as miniature effect and Fisheye effect; low light mode for dimly-lit situations are among of the features that makes it favorite when looking for a digital camera that will me your needs.

Now that we've have looked at the technical features of PowerShot SD1400IS 14.1 MP, let's see some of the factors that you need to consider when buying this camera or any other digital camera online

Canon powershot

Fcators to Consider

Canon PowerShot Digital Camera Cost

PowerShot SD1400IS 14.1 MP at the moment cost 17% less from the original price, buying PowerShot SD1400IS 14.1 MP at the moment one will save some dollars from Amazon, cost is one element that as a photographer you need to consider, check if the stores will give you some discount on the digital camera, compare cost from as many online store since this can be done by a click of the mouse. Once again for best and quality priced PowerShot SD1400IS 14.1 MP Amazon still has the greatest offer.

Camera Quality

Will your Camera be able to last long, read on the PowerShot SD1400IS 14.1 MP description and reviews from customers who had already bought the canon Camera, Amazon offers customers review on the PowerShot SD1400IS 14.1 MP and here is one of the review of a customer who bought it from Amazon "4.0 out of 5 stars Quite amazing; I got this camera for my grandfather for Christmas. It weighs half what his old one did, and somehow manages to take better pictures and display them on a bigger screen. Read more from Amazon...Published 1 day ago by jPaulM" for these and more review will help you know the quality of Canon Powershot SD1400IS camera. When looking for quality ask yourself whether it will be able to last for some reasonable time.

Camera Design

Design comes it consideration when selecting a Canon PowerShot Digital Camera which includes Sleek, slim, sophisticated, Smart AUTO do the work for you by intelligently selecting from 22 settings and with many Shooting Modes.  Canon PowerShot Digital Camera comes with 22 shooting modes, you will be able to take photos and video at any angle you.

The Canon PowerShot packaging contains the following items

Canon PowerShot SD1400 IS Digital ELPH Body, New Lithium-ion Battery Pack NB-4L and a new Battery Charger CB-2LV also in the box are Wrist Strap WS-DC7, Digital Camera Solution CD-ROM, USB Interface Cable IFC-400PCU and AV Cable AVC-DC400, so these are some of the items that this camera comes with and packed in the box.

Statistic at Amazon shows that more than 60% buys this camera from Amazon and it's popular among many customers as reviews shows. Check Amazon online shopping portal for more information, and I have listed some of the Canon Camera from Amazon below for easy and quick perusal


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