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Buy Purple Apple Macbook & Laptop Accessories - Buying Guide

Updated on April 4, 2011
Colorware's awesome $500 Purple Macbook Conversion look great, but what can you do if you don't have $500 to spend but want to personalise your Macbook in Purple?
Colorware's awesome $500 Purple Macbook Conversion look great, but what can you do if you don't have $500 to spend but want to personalise your Macbook in Purple?

Ever wanted to make your Apple Macbook, Macbook Pro, or even normal PC laptop a bit more personal and you love the colour purple? Then check out some of these amazing purple Macbook accessories and laptop ideas. Ideal for almost any make of Macbook, and laptop. The Apple Macbook is the best selling Macintosh in history, and continues to be one of the most popular models sold by Apple today. It's a good mixture of price point, computing power, and design. However despite this there are relatively few custom products for Macs, especially in purple. In this hub we will show you some of the best purple items you can buy to make your Macbook personalised and purple for a variety of budgets! Not enough people personalise their Apple Macbooks. On the internet there are many skins, cases etc. for iPods, iPhones even iPads despite their relatively new release. So personalise your Macbook and add a splash of colour and style, let us show you how.

If you are after Pink Macbook accessories then see this hub.

Looking after your Macbook

Purple Shell Cases Protection

So you have just spent $1000 and more on a lovely Macbook, you do not want to spend $5 on a cover to protect it. You want a case that protects well, but you want it to be stylish, and ideally for you in purple. Well lets go through what to look for from your Macbook case.  

Shell cases are designed to protect as well as look great. there are several types of material used, and any product should give you a good idea of what it does, and the level of protection it offers based on how much of the laptop it covers, as well as the material. On this note make sure the case you buy if for the Macbook you actually have. Some cases do not fit the white Macbooks. This is usually stated in the description or title. Did you know that a 12" iBook dimensions vary to other 12" Macs?

Because of the following Apple has, there tends to be specific cases for Macbook Pro, Macbook Air, Macbook etc. Looks are an important thing, otherwise what's the point in buying a shell case, however the material is also worth looking into. Just because a case is purple, does not mean its poor quality and won't protect your Mac. On the right are listed a variety of cases that differ. Some have see-through satin cases, which are soft touch, but good on strength. Whilst other cases even come with retractable rear legs to make typing easier by tilting the Mac slightly towards you, like a desktop keyboard. Decide on how much you move about, as if you are very mobile then maybe a harder shell case is worthwhile, but if you rarely move the Macbook or just want a purple cover for the looks then just check what type of case will suit your style.

Other Purple Personalisation for your Macbook

Purple Waterproof USB Sticks

If you have used a computer for any amount of time you have probably broke a USB stick, or know someone who has. Now you can get a USB that's not only robust, but also waterproof! So if you are a bit clumsy with your USB drives, or you just want something built to last whilst still looking good, and purple, then this is for you. Got a leak-proof cap and a carabiner clip so you can attach it to yourself easily too. It features a nice design on it, and 4GB of space is plenty of documents, and will hold several hundred songs, and even a few films. It will work with both Windows and Mac so ideal for the office or at home. The built in shock resistant technology is really great. It will protect your data from almost anything!

Purple Macbook Mouse & Mats

I said most of this in my pink Macbook page and it still applies for purple Macbook mice. As you know the standard USB Mac mouse is a superb piece of kit, but almost everyone has one. It hardly goes with the purple look we are after. A lot of people also do not get on with laptop mousepads. If you like doing deisgn work, or just prefer having an external USB mouse, then you have many purple mice to choose from, that not only look great but pack in good quality features, both wired and wireless.

Wired or wireless is probably you main consideration. Its a personal choice, however don't write off wireless if you have not used one in a few years. The precision is perfect on most mice, and the battery life is usually long enough for most people. Just don't buy cheap batteries. Get good branded Duracell high quality rechargeable batteries. Its worth the small investment.

As with laptop skins, bags and every other purple Mac accessories, there are many colours and designs of mice to choose from. Size is the main consideration. If you use your Macbook at home mostly, then a standard size mouse will be fine, however if you take it around with you, then the portability of a smaller "mini" mouse is probably a better idea, due to its portability and also if you are in a coffee shop etc. You may not have as much space to work with. Wireless mice come with very small USB adapters which just plug into the USB port. As with all these products, its about giving you a choice, so you can make a personal decision on your Macbook design. All the mice selected in this article work on any Macbook, just plug and play.


The world of personalised Apple Macs is truly here. Whilst still in the minority, there are now quality purple accessories available for Macbooks in a wide variety of areas. The whole point of personalisation is finding something that looks good to you, but with this range hopefully you can see that quality is also there for protection, not just looks whatever your budget. And finally, I present you with something Apple need to make soon, a Purple Laptop. Its a stunning looking Acer Netbook in Amethyst Purple. At its low price point, its almost worth buying as a 2nd laptop to your Macbook!

Thank you for reading!


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