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Buying a Laptop Sleeve

Updated on June 7, 2013

When you purchase a laptop, you expect it to last a long time and to give you years of service. After all, a laptop is a real investment, something you spend your hard earned money on. And given how much time you spent searching for the laptop that was right for you and the kind of work you do, and given how much money you paid for it, it is only right you want to protect it. Like any valuable tool you own, taking care of your laptop makes good sense. Extending the life of your laptop as long as you can is a worthy goal.

But besides making sure you don’t spill anything on it, drop it on the floor, and protect it from viruses, what can you do to extend the life of your laptop? Well, perhaps most importantly, you can help shield it from bumps and knocks that are sure to occur as you carry you laptop around with you. These small bumps, while not all that damaging on their own have an accumulated effect on the intricate mechanics of your laptop. Taken all together, the knocks your laptop receives can seriously reduce its longevity. A good laptop sleeve, however, will greatly reduce the impact of these bumps.

A laptop sleeve is designed especially to reduce the effect those knocks will have on the sensitive electronics of your laptop
A laptop sleeve is designed especially to reduce the effect those knocks will have on the sensitive electronics of your laptop

Why Buy a Laptop Sleeve?

Your laptop is subject to a lot of moving around, from home to work to the café to the classroom. This is what makes laptops so great, the fact that you can take them with you wherever you go. Today’s laptops are the perfect instrument for carrying with you all your most important things, your music, your documents, your class notes, your projects, your photographs. But given all this moving around, your laptop is going to get its fair share of knocks.

A laptop sleeve is designed especially to reduce the effect those knocks will have on the sensitive electronics of your laptop. Most of the types of laptop sleeve available to purchase are made of neoprene or plastic and are incorporate padding into their design. A laptop sleeve fits snugly around your laptop to serve as an extra barrier against the hardships of travel. Even if you own a good laptop bag, a laptop sleeve serves as extra protection. It is really a worthwhile purchase to protect your investment.

Buying a Laptop Sleeve

Okay, so you recognize the importance of a laptop sleeve in protecting your valuable tool, now where are the best places to purchase one? Here are a couple of ideas to get you started.

Some of the most popular kinds of laptop sleeve are made by a company called Built. This retailer can be found online at the address When you visit the site you will undoubtedly recognize these laptop sleeves as those you have seen around town, whether in the coffee shop or in class. They have a very distinct style, one that’s all their own, colorful, stylish, and built to last.

For something a little different, try out the website of Simon and Cleo for a new laptop sleeve. These sleeves are made from fabric or felt and slip around your laptop to keep them snug and protected. Among the varieties of laptop sleeve offered by Simon and Cleo are the warm and whimsical Mocha Camel Latte, with its cream and chocolate stripes, and the blue embroidered flames of the Pure Rebel sleeve. Although the sleeves offered by this company are designed specifically to fit Apple laptops, they will accommodate many PCs as well.

The Laptop Sleeve, A Great Idea

It can sometimes seem like the only thing on people’s minds is to get you to part with your hard earned money. Companies and stores make and sell all sorts of gadgets and accessories for you and your computer that, frankly, you don’t really need. And that’s okay, because sometimes indulging in the fun things is what gives life its spice. But when you are talking about your laptop and making sure it lasts a long, buying a laptop sleeve just makes sense. And given the choices you have in laptop sleeve, fun and fanciful or sedate and classy, you can have fun while protecting your investment.

Check out some of the laptop sleeve makers discussed here and do a bit of shopping on your own. It will be more than worth your while.


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