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Capablities And Limitations Of The Computer

Updated on December 30, 2009

Concluding our discussion about computer from the previous hub we can say that:

  • It is a machine. It is an inanimate object. It needs outside intervention for it to run. It can only do things for which it is designed.
  • It is Electronic. It is made up of electronic circuits. It runs on electrical energy.
  • It is automatic. Once started, it continues to run without outside intervention.
  • It can manipulate data, following specific rules. It can perform arithmetic functions such as addition, subtraction, multiplication, and devision. It can compare data.
  • It has memory. It has the capacity to remember what it has done. It can store instructions in its memory and follow these through unaided.
  • It can also perform logical functions. It can be given a set of instructions that tell what it must do and how it must do it. It can produce results upon completion of these operations as instructed.

Capablities And Limitations Of The Computer

  • Speed: A computer can process data faster than any other machine designed to perform a similar task.
  • Repetitions: A computer can tirelessly perform the same operations millions of times in exactly the same way without getting bored and tired the way a human clerk would.
  • Accuracy: A computer's high-speed processing is accompainied by high-accuracy results. No other system can have as much accuracy as a computer system.
  • Logical Operations: The computer can make decisions based on some conditions and take alternative course of action accordingly.
  • Store And Recall Information: The computer is like human brain as it can store facts, instructions and information and recall them when needed.
  • Self-Checking: The computer verifies the accuracy of its own work by means of a parity check.

  • Self-Operating: Once the data and the program are fed into the computers memory, the computer is capable of executing the instructions on its own, without human intervention.

Limitations Of The Computer

  • A computer cannot generate information on its own.
  • A computer cannot correct wrong instructions.
  • A computer cannot come up with an original decision.

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      Leelaine.. 24 months ago


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      masooda ali 2 years ago

      this site is helpful but little

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      diya 3 years ago

      IT ISthis is not a good website but it is ok

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      tina-18 3 years ago

      ho ang ganda ang dami ko nasulat atnakakapagod magsulat

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      zantua 3 years ago

      tnx it help me a lot :)

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      Sam 3 years ago

      :/ amm. I hope its true ?

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      AJ Danielle Delos Trinos Mateo 4 years ago

      nice informations . . . this site helps me to do my assigments . . . (:

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      KCraine 4 years ago

      The best site! Complete information.

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      Dyvynn 4 years ago

      nice work! . it is very useful

      but I think you need to add more examples

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      urbangabz 4 years ago

      i don't know if it is wrong or correct but ill need this for my assignment so thanks.!!!

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      sukhjot kaur 6 years ago

      thnx a lot for this theory part

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      Nimisha,Mariya,Jaseela,Indhu-4 Friends 6 years ago

      This page was help us to have more knoledge about capabilities&limitations of computer.


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      Priyamol(Nimmu) 6 years ago

      This is very useful page.Explain more about each points.

    • save my system profile image

      save my system 7 years ago from United Kingdom - London

      Is a programmable machine which responds to a specific set of instructions and pre – records list of instructions which are known as programmes. Computers can be meritorious as well as can be hazardous in a way.

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      leen 7 years ago

      your website has an accurate and satisfying results...tnx!


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