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Cell Phone Motorola Turbo 2 Won't Charge Fix

Updated on August 12, 2018

Your Problem is Cell Phone Won't Charge

not a turbo 2
not a turbo 2

So Why Won't the Cell Phone Recharge?

There's a lot of reasons why your cell phone won't charge. You may have got it wet, you may have physically damaged your recharge port on your device, your charger might be damaged. If any of these things are going on. I can't help you, you can probably better help yourself with these issues (contacting support, trying different chargers etc).

What You are seeing on you wireless phone

Well, I should have started out by saying what you are probably experiencing on you phone is that it's not charging or charging really slowly...really, really slowly recharging. Maybe your getting a message on your phone saying you are using the wrong charger, even though you've used the same charger without incident for months. Maybe your cellular phone is giving you a message like (and yes I'm ad libbing) "You'd have better luck if you used the original charger that came with the phone"....Yeah right, these messages infuriate me. That charger went away with the dinosaurs and if your still using the original charger your probably seeing this message because the charger is worn out from age

Why My Phone Isn't Recharging

Before you spend hours on the phone with support or get talked into buying a super-charger, try the easiest troubleshoot of all first. All the website suggest this and it sounds easy but you are making it too hard on yourself.

Often a cell phone recharge troubleshoot says something like "Check the recharge port on your phone for debris that may be preventing a charge" then what you do is, look into the charge port on your cell and say "Nope, no dirt in here." then you probably blow into the hole and expect something to happen. What did you expect to see? A tin can fall out?

Trust me, whether dirt in the hole or not is the cause, there's dirt in the port. Your port is dirty period. You haven't had your cell phone for months or years without the port picking up lint from your pocket, dust on your desk,etc

This very well could be the problem but you aren't addressing it right

Be low I am cluded a couple of pictures. No dad the phone showed is not a MotorolaDrroid Turbo 2 I need it they use that phone to take the picture. As magined it's the bristles are dry and clean and plastic just push them into the charge hole port

How do I fix Clean my phone's charge Port

First DONT

Don't Don't Use metal, like a pin. You damage the hole or short something out.

Don't use anything wet.

Get a clean (Ideally unused), dry, dry, dry, soft, tooth brush. Or something with soft, soft, soft plastic bristles. I have an electric so I use a replacement head.

The brush head obviously won't fit into port hole, so press the bristles on the edge of the brush into the hole and gently work it inside the hole. Try to keep the recharge port hole positioned toward the ground so the micro-debris falls out of charger port by gravity. You even see the brush start getting little dirty as it picks up lint.

If you need to sacrifice a toothbrush by cutting some bristles off,do it, just don't let the loose bristles fall in the hole. Clean and let the brush completely dry and do again if necessary. I'm lucky, mine fits the port perfectly


This worked for me on my Motorola Droid Turbo 2 but not perfectly. Sometimes I still have to watch it or get one of those dreaded messages, but it performs like 75% better than when the problem occurred, plus it extends my cell phone life and saves me money. Let's face it, all cell phone die sometime and it's usually because it won't recharge. Even adding a few more days to your cell phone's life will save you some stress when you go to replace the phone, as Getting a new phone while your old one is dead and you feel pressured to get a new phone is the pits.

Oh by the way, I have that Grip insurance and they do cover least on my policy

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