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How to Choose a Cell Phone Plan

Updated on January 19, 2015

A few months ago while I was on vacation in one of the Caribbean Islands, I went on a tour of the countryside, organized by the hotel I was staying. While I was out touring the countryside, I saw one of the peasants riding on the back of a donkey through the streets of a very small village. Amazingly, he was having a conversation on a cell phone which appeared to be a iphone 5 - much more updated than my iphone!

I couldn't tell exactly what he was saying, as he was speaking in his native language. However, one of the Tour Guides told me he was telling the other person on the other end of the line that nowadays, he cannot live without his cell phone, because he is always out in the field working.

Cell phone has evolved to be one the most important part of our daily lives. Today, some companies require that all employees have a cell phone. Even the average individuals need cell phones in going about their daily lives. Phone Plans can be a bit costly; However, because of the very large number of network services in this country, it may help if you research and assess their offers before deciding on a cell phone plan. It's extremely important that you shop around smartly for the most reasonable cell phone plan, in order to avoid inappropriate expenses.

You should first consider whether you should get a prepaid cell phone service or a traditional cell phone plan, before you make a final decision to purchase a cell phone. If you decide that it's better that you have a prepaid cell phone service, then you shouldn't have any problem. In fact, no credit check is required, you simply need to pay upfront, and immediately you will be in possession of your phone.

However, if you are interested in a cell phone plan, you may need to choose from a by the minute charging or by the second charging. Both charging process do have some positive and negative sides. You also need to assess how often you will be using the mobile phone along with the plan requirements, before you decide on a cell phone plan.

You should also do some research on the performance of the phone service carrier such as if they have enough towers at all times to reach you wherever you are located. There are different cell phone plans for family and national use. There are also cell phone plans for regional use. All of these have their own advantages and disadvantages. As far as prepaid cell phone plans are concerned, there are cell phone units that may not have the capability for this connection.

In regards to other cell phone plans, such as family plans, this is advantageous for family use and small businesses. For example, there is free access for emergencies. in addition, with family plans, it is cheaper to call the other cell phones included in one billing. Special discount are also available for the airtime usage of family using this cell phone plan.

National cell phone plans include free long-distance charges. Another advantage is that there are no roaming charges. However, for regional usage, this cell phone plan may require you to pay long-distance charges but the airtime rates may be less expensive.

Cell phone plans may be beneficial if you can acquire those that have the benefits that are most important to you. The manner in which you use your phone plan is an essential requirement; if you need it just for emergencies, prepaid cell phones are often considered the better choice. However, the traditional plan with no roaming charges might be the best.


Today, in the U.S. and many other developing countries, mobile phones are no longer considered a form of luxury as they were years ago. In fact, a cell phone is considered somewhat a necessity for both the young and old. However, in the U.S, with so many different phone carriers offering so many different plans and deals, you shouldn't have to pay an arm and a leg for a cell phone plan. All it takes is just a bit of research before your purchase a plan.


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