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Cheapest Cell Phone Plans

Updated on July 2, 2011

Technology is dynamic, always changing, morphing, becoming something new, becoming something more of the same. It's hard to keep up with this ever changing flow - especially when there's money involved.

Cell phones are the best example of this. It seems almost daily that a new cell phone is being announced, or a new cell phone is being released into the marketplace. Smartphones, flip phones, old phones, new phones, iPhones: it's hard to choose when the selection of quality is so vast.

And even if you find the best cell phone for you, you still have to pick a cell phone service provide and choose a cell phone plan.

And this where things become a little hazy.

You need to know what the best cell phone provider, what the cheapest cell phone plans are; it's even best to know what kind of cell phone plan deals you can discover. The best cell phone plans are usually the ones that are cheap, yet still contain some kind of extra feature or deal that sets them above the rest.

Let's take a look.


Student Cell Phone Plans

In this day and age it's the student that is in most need of a cell phone; and it's the student that uses the cell phone the most, the one who ultimately costs the most money on the cell phone bill.  Therefore as for as cheapest cell phone plans go, a cheap student cell phone plan is the most important.

Luckily cell phone service providers know this and many of their best cell phone deals coincide with heft student plans.  Some of the best student cell phone plans are:

Telus Student Cell Phone Plan

Telus is offers a bit different of a student phone plan than Rogers. The price is a bit more exspensive (it's the cheapest cell phone plan on the market) but it has a few extra features. Telus is also one of the best cell phone provider, with wide variety of phones and plans to choose from.

Telus's student cell phone plan runs off what they call 'Faves', or 'My Faves'. My Faves give you the option to pick your favorite contacts (the number you choose depends on the plan you choose) and give you unlimited calling or texting with those contacts. For example the My Faves Student 25 Plan gives you unlimited talk and text with 8 chosen favorites.

The Three Student cell Phone Options Are:

  • Unlimited Talk and Text With Your Faves
  • My Faves Student 25 Plan (Up to 200 local anytime minutes)
  • My Faves Student 40 Plan (Up to 250 local anytime minutes)

Rogers Unlimited Student Plan

As far as cheap cell plans in Canada go, the Rogers unlimited student plan is one of the best. The Rogers unlimited cell phone plan gives you four different options to choose from. All of the options have student combo option, where with the purchase of the plan you recive one of their best cell phones at a very cheap price.

The four options are:

  • Messaging Devices
  • Unlimited Social Netowrking and Unlimited Local Wi-Fi Calling
  • 500 MB + Local Wi-Fi Calling (BlackBerry)
  • 500 MB + Local Wi-Fi Calling (Smartphones)

Each of the four plans comes with an unlimited something - unlimited messaging, unlimited calling, unlimited data use - and this alone makes it one of the cheapest cell phone plans in the world. For students it's almost a must have.


Cheap Family Cell Phone Plans

Student phone plans are some of the cheapest cell phone plans out there but there is a catch: they are usually for only one person.  Most of us have a family, with 3 or 4 people, and each one of us usually has a cell phone.  When this is the case we need a plan that covers all of us while remained cheap and accommodating. 

Cheap phone plans can't just be cheap; they also have to give you all the features you need. 

Rogers Unlimited Family Cell Phone Plan

Rogers offers cheap cell phone plans in Canada and the rest of the world - and not just student plans but family plans too. If one were to do a cell phone service comparison, Rogers would almost always be near the top for the cheapest phone plans.

The Rogers unlimited family plan is another great example of a cheap family cell phone plan. You can build your own family plan (has to include at least two phones) and with each additional line added you get a free phone of your choice.

The rogers unlimited family plan is an excellent choice for cell phone users. For only $25 per line, you get unlimited social networking, unlimited family calling, unlimited texting, and unlimited calls on weekends. With the wide array of smartphones and BlackBerry's to choose from this cheap family plan is a good choice for anyone.

Virgin Mobile Family Plans

Virgin Mobile offers some of the best cell phone plans and deals. They have a fast network that has a SIM card that works in 200 distinct countries; the plans are easily custimizable, adding and subtracting features on the whim; easy to check the status of your plan, thus removing the chances of having to pay extra fees; and they have one of the best customer service departments out of all cell phone service providers.

What about their family plans?

With Virgin Mobile family plans you can make so each person get's their own unique monthly plan. This is great if you have a student in the family, for example, and you don't want to purchase a separate student phone plan but still want to give them the cheapest cell phone plan available. All family members will be on one bill so it's easy to handle; furthermore any individual upgrades won't affect the entire account.

Cheapest Virgin Mobile Family Plans:

  • 50 anytime minutes and 50 text messages. ($15)
  • 50 anytime minutes, unlimited weekends, and 50 text messages. ($20)
  • 300 anytime minutes, unlimted weekends, unlimited messages, unlimited long distance. ($55)

The cheapest cell phone plans are the ones with those extra features.
The cheapest cell phone plans are the ones with those extra features. | Source

Compare Cell Phone Plans and Prices

As you can see there are a lot of cheap phone plans to choose from. Rogers, Telus, Virgin Mobile, and AT&T are the leaders of the cheapest cell phone plans. But which one is the best? It depends what you want, what kind of plan you are looking for, and what kind of extra features you think you'll need.

First lets look at student cell phone plans:

Compare Cheapest Student Cell Phone Plans

Virgin Mobile
Best Feature
Unlimited Social Networking and Browsing
My Faves
Unlimited Texting
Only with Faves
50 a month
Unlimited Calling
Only With Faves
50 minutes a month

As you can see from the above table the best student cell phone plan is the one from rogers.  It's not the cheapest cell phone plan ( that goes to Virgin Mobile) but it has the best features for the cheap price it does cost. 

Next let's take a look at the cheapest family cell phone plans:

Compare Cheap Family Cell Phone Plans

Virgin Mobile
$15 a Line
$60 (3 Lines)
Best Feature
Unlimited Family Calling
500 MB of Data
Unlimted Family Calling
Unlimited Texting
100 Minutes
50 a month
Unlimited Weekends and Nights
Unlimited Calling
Only With Family (Free Weekends)
50 a month

In the end the cheapest cell phone plans are the ones that include everything you are looking for. The cheapest phone plan above, the one from Virgin Mobile, is very cheap but lacks almost any features. Compare this to the family plan from AT&T where there are many features, as well as an option to add more lines you can see which option is better for you.

Make sure you know what kind of phone you have and what kind of additional options you need; no point in wasting money on a plan full of extras when all you need in basic functions.



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    • profile image


      7 years ago

      what does it mean by 50 a month

    • profile image


      8 years ago

      You can add some insight into these things :

      > place to get best deals on cell phones

      > advantages of pay as you go phones

      > reconditioned phones etc..

    • profile image

      Vinu G 

      8 years ago

      Very Informative hub.. I would say excellent presentation.

    • danatheteacher profile image

      Dana Rock 

      8 years ago from Pacific Northwest

      I'm die hard Virgin Mobile fan!!!

    • profile image


      8 years ago

      Great stuff! My wife and I are done with Verizon and are looking for a cheaper plan. I think we will go with Virgin Mobile. I heard it is now 25/mnth in the US.

      Good hub.

    • ezmobile profile image


      8 years ago from London

      Nice article, lots of info if you are looking for a cheap mobile phone deal. Thanks.


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