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Cell Phone Technology

Updated on August 21, 2010

I was watching an episode of Beverly Hills 90210 with my daughter recently. There was a scene where Jason Priestly and In Zierling had picked up some scamming chicks, who were after is 1992 Corvette. Well, they got it and sped off, leaving the two guys high and dry in the parking lot. That is when my daughter asked seriously:

"Why don't they call the police with their cell phones?"

I laughed. Then thought, wow, there were none in 1992. I told her this and she looked at me in total shock. It got worse. When the boys finally did call, they used a public phone - a land line! This was after they found one and one hour later! For many of us, 1992, was NOT that far back at all. Then, I started to think of when I first got my cell phone, 1997, a Motorola analog, that would never fit into a pocket due to it's size. There was no display except for numbers. No web access, no pictures, nada.

This was only 13 years ago. In 1992, they did have the wireless phones used in homes. That was common. But a cell phone, though it barely existed, was not widely used, if at all, by the general public as it is today. In fact, even in 2003, displays on phones were ugly and not that functional as they are today. That was a mere seven years ago!

Now, there is a phone that creates its own hotspot so those nearby can surf the web etc. It is incredible how fast technology develops and how quickly things become obsolete!


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