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Put Your Phone Down

Updated on August 22, 2014

How to Get A Person to Stop Texting & To Start Talking


How to Get A Person to Stop Texting & To Start Talking

Grant it texting and phone calls are necessary sometimes, but not to the point where it takes the place of getting to know someone and spending time with this person per say. Or perhaps staying in touch with someone you already know.

Where have our relationships gone to this day and age? Everyone wants to either text or just leave you a message on your cell phone. No one has the time to have that personal time with each other anymore. They are either to busy texting or being on the computer.

I am told by my own children. "Mom just text me I am busy I can't talk right now". My response is " OOOOk if that is the only way to stay in touch I guess I have to take what I can get". I hate texting it takes me forever to type those little letters lol. A sister sends me a text because they can't chat they are busy too. No body has time any more. We have to guard against letting technology replace face to face communication" Sadly it is more evident in our teens generation.

The home was once a place of refuge where families could talk and build strong bonds after long days at work and school. But you just don't see that any more.

The majority of teens today has very limited communication skills. They have lost the ability to build true friendships with peers their age. Teens with their older contacts It makes it a lot tougher for these kids to learn lessons from those who are older and more experienced, for example; their grandparents or parents for that matter.

My daughter and I can be in the same room but there still isn't that communication because for her the computer is her communicator. So instead of making her want to spend time with me I resort to getting on the computer myself when in fact I should try to find ways to communicate with her but I am finding that when you do it is like your interrupting their space.

When in public if you watch the kids of this generation you will see that they are too busy texting someone else even when they are with their other friends. There are a few exceptions but the majority are.

I have gone to restaurants only to see couples to busy texting or talking on their cell phones rather then talking to each other. We have lost the true art of really communicating and spending genuine time together, really taking the time to listen to the other person next to you or sitting across from you. Put that phone down give that person your undivided attention.

Put Your Phone Down You should really watch this it is soooooo true!

Technology is good, but not to the point, where it has replaced the lost art of true communication and that is often found among the younger generations of todays world.

Couples are they really being heard by their significant other


Couples Need To Spend More Time With Each Other

As I stated before that I observed couples in a public setting and watched many of them spending more time with their cell phone then with each other. Sad but true.

I read, that they did a study with couples who didn’t really know each other. They had them spend ten minutes of their time with just chatting. What was discovered in this test having each one share their feelings. The couples who met for the first time and interacted with casual conversation having their phones with them in sight felt a lower quality interaction therefore having a less prudential of a deeper meaningful relationship because the very sight of the cell phone made them feel as though they weren’t getting the other persons undivided attention.

On the other hand, the couples who have spent ten minutes in conversation without their phones felt that there was a better connection for a more meaningful conversation and perhaps down the road a deeper relationship.

The conclusion: The presence of a cell phone has a negative effect on personal relationships. By not keeping your phone in the other persons sight and ditching this device can only lead to feelings of closeness, trust and more meaningful conversation.

Cell phones in my opinion are necessary but when you are spending quality time with someone the best thing is not to let this device interfere with the person or persons that you spend regular time with.

Even in Church


A Very Embarrassing Moment Thanks To My Cell Phone

I remember being so embarrassed because I went to a service and thought that my phone was set to vibrator. I showed up late for some reason, something I hate to do. To top it off the pastor just got through reminding everyone to please shut off their phone. While right into his message and about five minutes later my phone rings and it is on loud ringer to boot. I couldn’t find that dang phone well I was digging in my purse. Finally it stops ringing only for it to start up again and this time the pastor is staring at me.

So I get up being almost in the front of the church with my phone still ringing struggling to find it in my purse as I was walking out with everyone staring at me. I get out side and this is at night and it was the wrong number. I disrupted the whole message because I took my stupid cell phone into church.

I have watched others in church while they are busy texting on their phones. Isn’t that awful that we feel that we have to be with our cell phones even in church? LOL I was so embarrassed and rightfully so I should of been, that was very rude.

Come on people what did we do before the cell phone? I don’t see much of the good ole fashion way of communicating anymore. Grant it there is a need for a cell phone in necessary circumstances. But when it becomes a replacement for one- on -one, face to face talking not allowing for interruptions with this gadget. It is like a matter of life and death if we can’t have our phone with us 24-7. It has become like someone stated our DNA.

I fear for our younger generation who only know how to communicate through texting, email, twitter, face book you name it. I hope the art of communication isn’t lost entirely. And it isn’t just done by their fingertips.


Do Not Text While You Are Driving!!!

U.S. Young Adults Admit Too Much Time on Cell Phones, Web Overall, Americans most likely to say television occupies too much of their time

18 to 29
30 to 49
Using your cell phone 27%
Using social media websites, such as Face Book
Doing email
Watching Television
These results are based on answers to questions included in Gallup Daily tracking interviewing conducted April 9-10, asking Americans if they spend too much time on five activities involving "screens" -- using cell phones or smartphones, doing email,


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    • DLeighAlexander profile image

      DLeighAlexander 2 years ago

      Thanks for writing this story. I think many times cell phone usage is extreme. I remember when talking on the phone was only done at home or on a pay phone. My how things have changed!

      How embarrassing for your cell phone to go off in church. I can feel your pain. Getting a wrong number can really be a problem.

      Good thought provoking input.

    • lisln profile image

      LorLinda 2 years ago from Denver Colorado

      Ha ha tell me about it very embarrassing to say the least but well earned for not keeping my phone in the car.

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