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How to Change Blogger Blog Template?

Updated on October 1, 2011

Change the Template of Your Blogger Blog

If you are not satisfied with your current blogger template, then it would be a great idea to change the template of your blogger blog. There may be different reasons behind changing the template of your blogger blog e.g. look, seo etc. There are two ways to change the template of your blog. We are going to discuss these two ways in the sections given below.

Change Blog Template with Internal Blogger Templates

Simple Procedure of Changing Your Blogger Blog Template:

You can change the template of your blog form the 'Design' section of blogger control panel. There is sub-section 'Template Designer' in the 'Design' section of blogger. From this section, you can change the template of your blog. You can also change the 'background' image of your blog template. You may decide its 'layout', adjust widths, and make some advance changes with colors and fonts of an each section of your blogger blog layout. Thus, you can change the template of your blogger blog or you can keep the same template and adjust its different parameters. Thus, change in parameters would give a new look to your current blog template.

Blogger Template Designer

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Change Blog Template with External Blogger Template

How to change Blogger Blog Template with External Blog Template?

This is very easy to change your default blogger blog template with external blog template. Download any external blog template on your computer in xml format. You may get external blogger template as a zip file. Extract it on your computer, and then look out for the xml file of your desired template. We have to upload this xml file at blogger.

  1. Log on to
  2. 'Design' section.
  3. 'Edit HTML' sub-section.
  4. Click 'Choose File' button and select your external xml blogger template file from your computer.
  5. Click 'Upload'.
  6. Click 'Save Template'.

Your new blogger template is now ready to use. You can keep the widgets of your previous blogger blog template or you can delete some widgets that you never want to see in your new blogger blog template. This is the procedure of applying external blogger blog template to your blogger blog.

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      Tricia1000 5 years ago from South Africa

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