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Dynamic Views of Blogger Blog

Updated on September 21, 2011

Dynamic Views of Blogger BLog

Recently, I came across Dynamic Views Extension by Google. But, first you need to know that what are Dynamic Views? Dynamic Views are for Blogger Blogs. You can surf the content of Blogger Blogs with great ease of use with these Dynamic Views of Blogger. They improves the look of Blogger Blog. Dynamic Views extension of Google Chrome makes it easy to get through all these different views.

What are Dynamic Views?

There are five different Dynamic Views for Blogger. Those five different Dynamic Views are Flipcard, Mosaic, Sidebar, Snapshot and Timeslide. If you want to enable Dynamic Views for your blog, your blog should be public, the feed of your blog should be enabled to full and from settings you should enabled Dynamic Views for Blogger Blog. If these three conditions are satisfied, you or anyone can view your blog in Dynamic Views. The image below will give you an idea of Dynamic Views of Blogger Blog. These are screenshots of my Blogger Blog in different Dynamic Views. Due to some technical difficulty, I am unable to take a screenshot of Flipcard view. I will fix this as soon as possible, but the screenshots of remaining views are below.

Dynamic Views of Blogger Blog In Images

Click thumbnail to view full-size
Mosaic Dynamic View of Blogger BlogSidebar Dynamic View of BloggerSnapshot Dynamic View of Blogger BlogTimeslide Dynamic View of Blogger Blog
Mosaic Dynamic View of Blogger Blog
Mosaic Dynamic View of Blogger Blog
Sidebar Dynamic View of Blogger
Sidebar Dynamic View of Blogger
Snapshot Dynamic View of Blogger Blog
Snapshot Dynamic View of Blogger Blog
Timeslide Dynamic View of Blogger Blog
Timeslide Dynamic View of Blogger Blog

Different Dynamic Views of Blogger Blog

  • Flipcart View: Flipcart View is best for photography blog. The photos from each blog are visible and when we click on specific photo, the informative blog regarding this will be visible.
  • Mosaic View: This view is similar to Flipcart view, where blog posts can be read clicking the photos representing that blog. In this view, just the arrangement of photos is different from that of Flipcart view.
  • Sidebar View: I love this view. I can go through each blog post very easily. If you want to read any Blogger Blog with ease of use, you can use this view. Only the content part will be visible and all other widgets will get disappear.
  • Snapshot View: Snapshot view is like we are viewing snapshots of your blog posts. Image and caption regarding that image (for each blog) will be visible for you.
  • Timeslide View: Timeslide is another very good Dynamic View of Blogger. This view makes your Blogger Blog to look like a magazine.

Google Chrome Extension for Dynamic Views of Blogger

There is a Dynamic Views Extension of Blogger Blog. Good thing is that, this extension is officially developed by Blogger Team. Using this extension, you can go through any of the Dynamic View of Blogger Blog with just two clicks. I recommend this extension for you. Whenever you open any Blogger Blog, this extension will be visible in your address bar. You can flip through different Dynamic Views of Blogger Blog using button of this extension. This extension is highly recommended for regular Blogger Blog readers or Internet Readers. You should try this Dynamic View Extension by Google.

I hope you found this hub helpful. Please share it with your friends by using sharing options at the end of this hub.


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