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Cheapest & Best Way to Buy a Computer in Brisbane

Updated on January 24, 2011

Looking for a computer to buy in Brisbane? Want a cheap gaming desktop computer or office computer? Wondering how to get the best deal online? Live in Brisbane?

I have devised the best and cheapest method for obtaining a computer in the Brisbane area. I have organised several computers for myself and friends in the past this way, so I speak from personal experience.

Step 1 – Decide what you want your computer for. Do you want to be able to play the latest games on the highest settings? Do you want an entertainment centre for your TV? Do you want a simple work/office computer? Video/photo editing? All of the above?

Knowing what you want your computer to do is vital, as the parts required for the computer will vary depending on your needs.

Step 2 – Whirlpool is your friend. If you live in Australia, and have not heard of Whirlpool, then I suggest your familiarise yourself immediately! Go here:

Traditionally Whirlpool was created as a forum to discuss Internet Service Providers/Plans. It has grown immensely and is now a forum hub to discuss a whole range of topics, but generally ISP & Mobile Plans and Technology (including Computers & Parts etc). It is a brilliant resource for getting information and advice on your proposed computer builds.

Step 3 – Learn about the different parts that make up a computer. This is where a bit of effort & research needs to come in on your part, and this is how you can save yourself money. If you are not familiar with the different parts required to put a computer together – then do so now. I am not asking you to learn to build a computer, whether you want to do that or not is completely up to you, and we will cover that in a later step. .

Have a browse here:

This is the ‘Wiki Builds' section of Whirlpool, and has some useful pre-made builds with average costing. It will show you what components are required to build a computer.

And here:

This will take you to the ‘Desktops’ section at whirlpool, and reading through here will give you a lot of information about different types of builds.

Step 4 – Decide whether you want to build the computer yourself or not. If you don’t want to build the computer yourself, skip to Step 6.

Step 5 – So you think you can build your own computer? Well I bet you can! It is not too difficult, but it will require patience and an ability to follow careful instructions the first time that you do it. If you are based in Australia, I recommend as the best place to buy parts. MSY is probably the cheapest option for parts other than going directly to a wholesaler, which is difficult if you are not a business and not purchasing products in bulk.

Create a build for yourself that suits your needs (and post it to Whirlpool if you are not feeling confident – the community there will give you feedback) and purchase the parts online.

For a good tutorial on building your own PC and a great set of reference points, check out this hub.

Step 6 – Not interested in building your own computer? Not a problem – let someone else do it for you for a small fee, but with the added advantage of a build warranty. If you are in Brisbane or the Gold Coast, I recommend They are slightly more expensive then MSY, but will also allow you to select your own parts. If you give them a ring once you have organised your parts, they will organise the computer to be built for $80.00. This will come with a 1 year build warranty. I have used them myself and have not had a problem.

Another advantage to getting UMart to build the computer for you, is they can advise you if any of the parts are not compatible (eg the video card does not fit into the case, or the RAM cannot go with that specific Motherboard) prior to being built and paying.

Step 7 – Enjoy your new computer! This is definitely one of the cheaper ways to get a Desktop PC (whether for office work or hardcore gaming). If you don’t believe me, compare the cost of a computer with the same specifications from Harvey Norman or any other large electrical retailer with the cost of organising the parts yourself.

You will probably be quite surprised!

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