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Check Spelling on Websites Forms Input Boxes That Do Not Have Spell Check with ieSpell

Updated on April 25, 2011


If I am filling out a key online form or even searching a web site I definitely want to use the correct spelling. The problem is, often there is no spell checker for certain applications such as forms, input boxes, etc on web sites.

For those of you with the latest Internet Explorer IE updates you will be able to check spelling. Simply check the spelling using Internet Explorers ieSpell feature.

Step 1

Open Internet Explorer

Step 2

Navigate to the web site that you wish to work on. Keep in mind if you are entering info into a web site search block, this will work, if you are entering info into online forms this will work, if you are entering info into any input block you'll be in good shape, etc..... Just enter and try following the steps below.

Step 3

Go to Tools

Step 4

In drop down box that appears select " ieSpell ".  I am told that another option too is to right click the mouse and select " ieSpell" but for some reason that isn't working for me yet.  I'm a little slow sometimes on new things related to Internet Explorers browser tools but bear with me :-)

Step 5

The spell check suggestion box will appear. This works much like other Microsoft spell check features you've done in the past so you should have no problem working with this.

I hope this helps you to use the ieSpell feature to check spelling. Please check out my other related article on setting ieSpell language and entering words into ieSpell dictionary.


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