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Add Words to Dictionary and Select Default Language on Internet Explorer ieSpell Spell Check

Updated on January 15, 2011


Internet Explorers ieSpell allows you to check spelling on Websites that otherwise do not have spell check.  A good example would be when you fill out online forms or input boxes on various commercial and government websites.

If you want to add words to ieSpell's dictionary or if you want to Select a default language keep reading below....

Step 1 to Add Words to Dictionary

If you aren't familar with ieSpell please read my How to Use ieSpell article

Step 2

When the word that you wish to add to the dictionary appears during the spell check, click "Add".

Now, forevermore, this word will now be recognized on your Internet Explorer ieSpell.

Step 1 to Change Default Language on Internet Explorer ieSpell

If you aren't familar with ieSpell click on my ieSpell article linked for some help. See the link I posted near step 1.

Step 2

Click "Options" at the top of your PC screen

Step 3

Select "Language & Dictionaries" in the choices that appear on your monitor.

Step 4

Then select your preferred default language.

Step 5

Click OK and you should be all set.

I hope this article was a help.  If you are on the Net a lot, become fluent in Internet Explorer is a big help. IE (as well as Mozilla too) have a lot of great tools to make your Internet experience much nicer


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