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Things To Consider When Choosing A Mobile Phone & Internet Service Provider

Updated on September 16, 2012
Mobile phone providers - What to look out for
Mobile phone providers - What to look out for

Doing your research when choosing the right ISP or mobile phone provider can mean all the difference. The last thing you want is to the left stranded with poor mobile phone reception, or an internet connection which doesn't work when you most need it. So which of the big telcos offer the best service and value for money.

With most phone and internet service providers, knowing what to look out for can be frustrating and time consuming. Here are some factors to consider:

Are you willing to pay for quality customer service and a reliable connection?

What is your budget?

What have other people thought based on their experiences?

What do I need the service for?

Is it worth upgrading to a better plan before testing out the product?

Will a cheaper price mean poorer service?

Will I need to contact technical support for internet or mobile phone enquiries?

Do I want the latest product no matter what the cost is?

In Australia, Telstra definitely scores as being the best service provider for both mobile phones and internet, assuming you're willing to fork out the money.

The costs are generally a good indication as to value for money with most mobile phone providers. Beware that you don't end up in a locked in 24 months contract with poor connectivity.

There's been an endless number of times where I've heard of people signing up with Vodafone and 3 simply due to the price and allowance on their mobile phone plan. In the end, they can't even use their data or make calls due to poor reception and connectivity while still being locked in a 24 month contract costing them over $1,000 (AUD) for nothing.

Look for a mobile and internet service provider based on customer reviews. This will generally include things such as where the customer service centre is located, the level of customer service, connectivity, data allowance, value for money and much more. Do your research. A good starting point can be at

Generally, a large company will have great service. But don't be fooled. Although Vodafone has a large customer base, most of their customers are unhappily locked into 12-24 months contracts. Breaking the contract will mean having to pay a cancellation fee or the total of the remaining months payable.

Best Rated Internet Providers (Australia)

- Telstra

- Optus

- Internode

- Exetel

Worst Internet Providers (Australia)



- Dodo

Best Rated Mobile Phone Providers (Australia)

- Telstra

- Optus

- Amaysim

Worst Mobile Phone Providers (Australia)

- Vodafone

- Three

- Dodo


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