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Choosing the Best Antivirus Protection

Updated on March 26, 2012

Searching for a good antivirus like anything should be one of concern. There are many products out there that say they do many things to keep your computer safe. So there are some questions you should ask yourself when searching for the perfect virus/malware protection.

1. How can you believe the claims of these manufactures?

2. What can you do to make sure you are getting the best protection?

3. Is one better for home use or office use?

4. What do they protect against? Malware/viruses?

5. Does it come with a firewall?

6. Does it update regularly?

7. Does it come with technical support?

8. How much does it cost on a yearly or annual basis?

These are some of the basic question you should ask yourself first when searching for a decent antivirus product. Another good thing to look for is any technical reviews of the product. See what the experts are saying are the pros and cons of the antivirus program. Also, users are a fantastic resource tool for finding the best protection. They are sure to let you know if a product does or does not work.

The antivirus programs that are out there are now coming bundled in one full security package. This is good on one hand, because you never want to mix competitors security products. If, you do combine it can cause your system not to play agreeable with them and could cause errors or slowness. Another reason is that they are able to keep updated on all the latest security threats and update your entire suite all at once. Some of the bundled packages come with these tools

1. Virus scanner

2. Malware scanner

3. Email Scanner

4. Link Protector

5. Website security

6. Family Security

Now there are also a lot of products out there that are not bundled. If, you decide to mix and match there is nothing wrong with that just make sure there are no incompatibilities in each of the programs. , check to make sure what type of support you will be getting besides updates. If, a virus does infect your computer are their technical support representatives willing to help you remove it? If, so what are their support boundaries?

The same goes for your business machines make sure you are getting the correct software for desktops and servers. These products cover a larger areas on the servers since they are usually more open because of incoming traffic. Always have in place proper company polices to prevent the onset of a virus into the corporation.

Just asking a few basic questions can go a long way in protecting the integrity of your personal and business information. So, always does your research before you put your information into the hands of an antivirus program.


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