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Chrome History

Updated on April 19, 2012

Chrome History Files

Google Chrome is the best web browser to access Internet on your computer and laptop. This web browser is very easy to use, simple and fast. I am addicted to it and I can't even think about shifting to another web browser. This is one great medium to access the Internet.

It is very important to take care of privacy and safety while browsing the Internet. Some people may misuse our Information and so we should be concerned about the sensitive information that we provide at the time of browsing Internet. This sensitive information includes our browsing history. All the Internet websites and pages that we browse are get stored into the History section of Google Chrome.

When we spend our lot of time on Internet searching and finding something, then our search could also reflect the secret corner of our mind and things that we don't want other people to know. Google Chrome stores the information of websites and web pages that we visit in a session. This is important to store the history because if we want to go back to the particular web page, then there should be trackback history stored in the web browser. It's our responsibility to remove Chrome history files when we finish our Internet session. If we close the web browser without removing Chrome history files, then there may be changes that someone else could see and access the path that you traced on Internet using Chrome web browser.

Chrome History View

There is one simple shortcut to view Google Chrome History. You just have to press ctrl+H. Immediately the Chrome History tab will get open in front of you. Here if you want, you can clear the browsing history. You can also remove the individual history traces. If you don't remember the name of the site you was browsing, then this section is helpful for you as it stores the Chrome History.

Chrome History Delete

How to Delete History in Chrome? It is easy to Clear History from Chrome. There are two ways to delete Chrome history. You can manually delete history files in Chrome or you can make such settings that the history files will automatically get delete after closing the Chrome web browser. You can also delete Chrome History by clearing browsing data from Under the Hood settings.

Google Chrome History
Google Chrome History

Chrome History Extensions

There are many Google Chrome history extensions for the better management of history. Search for "Chrome History" term in the Chrome web store and you will see the list of extensions particularly based on Chrome History. Some are made to easily erase the history, some for making better management of history, and to provide the better user interface. You can also stop chrome form recording your browsing history.

One productivity tool analyzes Chrome activity and creates a pie chart using your Chrome history. So that you can get the better idea of your online activity. Chrome history extensions and productivity tools are available for Chrome history in Chrome Web Store. We can do many things with Chrome history using these Chrome history extensions and productivity tools.

Chrome History Button

On the right side of Chrome address bar, at rightmost corner, you can find the customize and control icon of Google Chrome. Click on that icon and the drop down menu will open. You will find "HIstory" button in that menu. Here you can view your Internet browsing history, and if you want, you can clear all browsing data.

Chrome History By Date

The history in Chrome web browser gets stored by date, so you can browse the chrome history by date. If you regularly clear or remove history files in Google Chrome, then Chrome history by date will not be available for back in time but only up to your current session.

Chrome History Backup

If you activate your Google History account, it is just like taking the Chrome History Backup online. Google History stores all your browsing activity including what you search in Google. It also records the sites you visit just like Chrome History.


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