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CinemaSins Is Not Meant To Be Taken Seriously

Updated on November 15, 2018
Seriously, they say it themselves, "We're not reviewers, we're a***oles."
Seriously, they say it themselves, "We're not reviewers, we're a***oles." | Source

Some people need to stop taking the internet so seriously.

CinemaSins makes it clear themselves that their "sinning" of movies is not to be taken seriously. They've said it themselves, "We're not reviewers, we're a***oles."

Yet so many do take them seriously. Almost as much as an anti-vaxxer thinks that googling "Vaccines are EVIL!" makes them a doctor.

Be it the pretentious little twerp who thinks long, boring movies with no plot and lots of pretend symbolism are high art or, more often than not, some Tumblrite who thinks CinemaSins is more evil that Donald Trump and Andrew Wakefield combined into some huge, spray tanned, anti-vaxxer monstrosity.

Yes, they sin movies I like. (Though I never could get them to sin my guilty pleasure, Abraham Lincoln Vampire Hunter, however I did get YouTuber The Dom to do a Lost In Adaptation of it.) They also sin movies I hate. They sin great movies and movies that never should've been made - let's be honest, if you like Mama Mia you need help. Only Hocus Pocus is worse. The Monster Squad will always be superior to Hocus Pocus. For one thing, in The Monster Squad the kids talk like real kids do when adults aren't around, not Disney-fied version of kids, and for another thing, no Bette Midler. Everything is better if there's no Bette.

I digress, however.

The point of CinemaSins is to just give us 20 minutes of mindless entertainment by being an exaggerated form of the film snobs. They're meant to be fun, not deeply thought out. They're like Mystery Science Theater 3000 but with more cursing, sex jokes, and no robots.

They're not meant to be taken seriously. I cannot stress that enough. We're not talking iconic movie reviewers like Siskel & Ebert. We're not even talking about modern day internet based movie reviewers like Film Brain, Horror Guru, or Count Jackula. (Three I would argue are actually more thoughtful and put more honesty in their reviews than those who do review for newspapers and tvs as they're doing it from the heart, not for the regular paycheck.)

At the end of the day CinemaSins is meant to be a parody of that one snob we all know who bullies us for our taste in movies. We've all been there. We mention our favorite movies to someone who then launches into a diatribe about why we're wrong. How awful the movie is. How it's just "brain candy." That if we were really intelligent people we'd like this particular movie (which 99.9% of the time is just some long, boring, plotless arthouse piece of crap made by a braindead film student who'll never have a real movie career) rather than the movie that is actually fun and entertaining.

We should never take snobs like that seriously as, just like bullies, they wish to feel superior by trying to make us feel inferior.

And we shouldn't take CinemaSins seriously because they are, at the end of the day, a parody of those same bullying, brainless snobs.

Honestly, people need to take a deep breath, pull their heads out of their butts, clean the feces out of their ears, relax, and just learn to let go and have fun. Stop taking CinemaSins seriously and just see them for what they are - some nice, internet mind candy.


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