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ClickFree Automatic Backup Solutions

Updated on October 29, 2009

How to use a ClickFree Drive

ClickFree 250GB Backup Drive
ClickFree 250GB Backup Drive
ClickFree Transformer
ClickFree Transformer
ClickFree iPod Transformer
ClickFree iPod Transformer
ClickFree DVD Transformer
ClickFree DVD Transformer

How to Restore Files from a ClickFree Drive

ClickFree backs up your computer. Before you say ho-hum it is important to say that the ClickFree backs up multiple computers – onto the same external drive. The number of computers will depend on the particular ClickFree drive chosen. The most popular capacities are 250GB, 320GB and 500GB. Larger capacities are available.

The 32GB Credit Card style ClickFree is very compact and portable.

The ClickFree drive keeps the files on each computer separated from the other.

Do You Have the Time to Backup Your Computer Files?

Everyone knows that a computer will crash someday. It is not a case of if – it is a case of when. True, it is a real pain to backup all of those files on a regular basis – even if most of them are saved under the Documents folder.

The ClickFree external drive makes the chore of backing up all of the files on a computer much easier. There is no software to load. There is no setup required. All you have to do is attach the ClickFree drive to your computer via a USB port. Once connected the ClickFree will automatically begin backing up files from anywhere they are located on your computer.

Before ClickFree I was not fond of simply backing up my files. I prefer having a file that can be opened whenever I want to open it. If a backup is corrupted it is often not detected until you attempt to restore it. That is where the ClickFree drives have a huge advantage. All backed up files are separated into folders that can be opened directly from the ClickFree drive.

What if you already own an external backup drive and you do not want to buy another one?

The ClickFree Transformer will work with multiple other external backup drives. It too will search out at least 400 different file types and back them up. There is no software to load. There is no setup required. The ClickFree Transformer attaches to your computer via a USB port. Your external backup drive attaches to the ClickFree Transformer.

The ClickFree Transformer can be used with multiple external backup drives.

If you need to transfer music, photos or videos from one iPod to another there is a ClickFree iPod Transformer. The ClickFree iPod Transformer also works with the iPhone.

The ClickFree DVD Transformer backs up files to any blank media.

My Experience with ClickFree

I needed to move files from an old computer to new computer. That is when I purchased my ClickFree Backup Drive. It backed up every file. It is important to be clear at this point. The ClickFree does not backup or copy the computer software – it will only back up files.

It was very easy to restore those files onto the new computer. The files were placed into a folder on the desktop. From that point I was able to restore data to programs such as QuickBooks. Other data files could then be moved to wherever I preferred to put them.

The options included are to restore all or some files. The files can be placed in a folder as I mentioned above or the files can be replaced into thier original location.

Some ClickFree Drives are compatible with different Operating Systems so always check before purchasing.

I love this thing!

How does a ClickFree Transformer Work?


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    • Bizziebee profile image

      Bizziebee 6 years ago from La La land, California

      What a great solution for backups! I stress out about losing my files all the time, will definitely look into this, thanks