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Back Up Your Data with External Hard Drive USB 2.0

Updated on July 8, 2023

USB 2.0 Enclosure for IDE Drives - Western Digital, Seagate, LaCie, Maxtor, Iomega - Introduction

Thanks to the continuing advancement of technology, the world has witnessed the birth of new gadgets and gizmos that make life and communication a little easier for everyone. But with the increase in indispensable gizmos comes the responsibility of learning the jargon and other terms pertaining to them. It’s not really a requisite to learn the little nuances.

Consider it more of an advantage if you can understand what these seemingly complicated and out-of-this-world terms mean because you are spending good money when you purchase your equipment in stores. Some are a little bit self-explanatory like the external hard disk. Though if the term hard disk confuses you, then read on to learn more about external hard disks and how you can build an external hard drive from scratch.

Simply put, a hard disk drive is a device that can store your digital data. It is encased within a metal case and has one or more rigid platters that rotate on a motorized spindle. On top of the platters are read/write heads that magnetically encode your data. Capacity of a hard disk drive varies depending on the number of heads, tracks and sectors. An external hard disk is a particular type of hard disk drive that you can connect to your computer via USB cable among other means.

A brief history lesson on the external hard disk is also needed in order to understand this device further. The first incarnations of the external hard disk were originally bulky in size. They were literally external hard disks because they couldn’t be stored inside the unit due to their large size. Pretty soon, compact hard disks that could be easily stored into the computer’s bays will be available to the market. Apple Macintosh was a proponent of this early innovation. When USB and Firewire interfaces became a staple in the design of PCs, the external hard drive gained further popularity in the market.

USB 2.0


Where to Buy cheap External Portable Hard Drive 1TB, 2TB Usb 2.0 - Best Buy, Amazon, Newegg, Tiger Direct, Circuit City?

There’s little difference between a normal hard disk drive and an external hard disk. The external hard disk is merely a normal hard disk stored in a disk enclosure. A disk enclosure on the other hand is a specialized container specifically designed to hold and power disk drives. It has a mechanism that lets them communicate with separate computers.

Believe it or not, you can construct your own external hard disk. If you have an old working hard drive, all you need to do is mount it on an enclosure and voila—an external hard drive. Constructing is not a very complicated task because you can easily purchase these disk enclosures in many computer shops.

There are several benefits to building your own external hard drive. Number one on the list is that it’s a good way to reuse your computer’s equipment. With an external disk enclosure, you can back up your files on a separate storage device and share files with ease. This can also prevent your computer from overheating because the heat emanated by the disk drive won’t add to the heat inside your computer.

Whether you decide to invest on an external hard disk or construct your own using a disk enclosure, it’s important to have one on hand to store your back up files. Though the developments in modern-day technology are impressive, that doesn’t mean they aren’t fool-proof.

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