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ClickFree Transformer

Updated on March 13, 2011

As technology advances we are often faced with the decision to update or gadget bag or to stick with what is working at the time. Since data safety is very important to me one of my gadgets that get updated on a regular basis is external backup drives.

Unfortunately the cost can become quite high since any new electronic device begins its life at s premium price. That is beginning to change however. As the price of data storage becomes cheaper, the size of the devices becomes smaller and the speed at which new devices are increased are announced .an upgrade could actually be less expensive than you may think.

I get excited over gadgets that re-purpose electronic gadgets that I already own. One such gadget is the ClickFree Transformer. The name is appropriate because this fairly inexpensive gadget makes your existing external hard drives a ClickFree device. Why is that exciting?

ClickFree Transformer
ClickFree Transformer

ClickFree Transformer Improves the Possibility of Data Backup

The ClickFree backup devices are very unique. They have taken the confusion and drudgery out of backing up data onto an external hard drive. We all know how important backups are but if it takes too much time and if it is confusing to the masses it will not happen. By providing an easier way with multiple devices that fit individual backup needs, ClickFree will be responsible for saving unlimited number of data files.

The ClickFree Transformer attaches to any USB external hard drive on one end and attaches to a USB port of most any PC, laptop or netbook on the other. All needed software is contained within the ClickFree Transformer. That software is automatically loaded once it is attached. Multiple computers can be backed up onto the same drive because the ClickFree Transformer keeps them separated for you by using the name of the computer..

A short time after the ClickFree Transformer is attached to both the computer and the external hard drive a blue box will appear on the screen with information about the files and the backup that is about to take place. A few options can be taken or the backup can be left to continue uninterrupted. A count-down timer lets you know when the backup will begin

ClickFree Transformer Turns any USB External Hard Drive Into a ClickFree Backup Drive

ClickFree Backs Up 400 Different File Extensions

During the backup the ClickFree Transformer will gather together like files such as photos, spreadsheets and documents. Up to 400 different files is recognized and will be placed into organized folders. When the backup is finished those folders and files can be viewed. This is extremely important because there may be some file formats that are not recognized. For example, I scan documents that are called (max) files. I back those up on my own to insure that they are not lost.

Restore Files from a ClickFree Backup

What good is a backup if it cannot be restored easily? The ClickFree files are extremely easy to restore. In fact you get to choose which ones will be restored. Simply click on the files to be restored (some or all) and click restore. The files can be placed back on the same computer or onto a different computer. The files can be replaced into the same location or they can be placed into a single folder.

For the cost of between 40 to 60 dollars an exiting external hard drive can be turned into a very simple yet functional backup device. Whether you have precious digital photos, important spreadsheets or even complicated presentations they can all be kept safe. Then when needed, they can easily be restored.

Why I Like ClickFree Devices

My favorite features of the ClickFree system is the ease of use, the ability to open and to view the backed up files and the ability to restore to multiple computers.


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    • H P Roychoudhury profile image

      H P Roychoudhury 

      9 years ago from Guwahati, India

      It is a befitting hub of modern technology. Thanks for sharing.


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