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Cloncom Phone Card Company Review

Updated on August 28, 2012 Website Website

Cloncom - Should You Use Their Phone Cards?

Using phone cards is a great way to make international phone calls without breaking the bank and ending up with an over inflated monthly phone bill. But choosing the right one can be tricky without a little bit of useful information. Relax, that's why I'm here. I'll start off by answering the question that is on the tip of your tongue:

"Does Cloncom offer the cheapest phone card rates?"

The word "Cheap" is a relative term. I would rather prefer to say that Cloncom offers the fairest call per minute rates on the Internet. That's the most honest answer that I can give you. You see, many phone card companies offer phone cards with or without fees such as maintenance and other surcharges. And some phone cards come with rates that are so cheap that the call quality is horrible. I don't know about you, but I'm not the sort that will sacrifice call quality for price.

I prefer to buy phone cards with no fees. However phone cards with no fees have a slightly higher call per minute rate, about less than a penny more, which is not much to complain about. I'll explain why below. And believe me, you'll be buying phone cards that do contain no fees as well once you learn what I will reveal to you.

But the biggest factor I chose to buy phone cards from Cloncom is because they do not charge processing fees. Almost all phone card companies charge a $1.00 or $2.00 processing and handling fee on phone card orders under $20 or $40 dollars. Cloncom does not charge any sort of processing or handling fee period.

Here's a quick example why paying processing fees is not good.
If a phone card has an advertised 2¢ /minute rate but you have to pay a $1.00 processing fee, then that would mean that you're paying 3¢ /minute instead. Which brings me back to the point that Cloncom offers the fairest phone card prices without any overloaded fees or charges. In essence you're getting the actual airtime that you paid for.

Now you might be asking who am I to lecture you on the good and bad points of purchasing a phone card from Cloncom.

Well I use a lot of phone cards to make calls to friends and business contacts in many countries. Check below and you can watch a video of me logging into my Cloncom account. This will prove to you that I am an active customer and I'm not a guy making some random review.

Because I can truly understand that buying a phone card can be a tricky affair. So any help that I can offer to anyone is the least I can do. You have my word that this review will be honest and to the point without any fluff.

Watch Me Log Into My Cloncom Account

Some Useful Tips On Choosing Phone Cards From Cloncom's Rates To Call From United States To United Kingdom's Rates To Call From United States To United Kingdom

Here are four phone cards offered by Cloncom to call United Kingdom from the United States. Before I tell you which phone card you should choose there are a few things you should know particularly information we see in the left column. You can see the words "Local Access" and "With Toll Free Access". Nobelcom gives you the option for dialing your connection with a local phone number or through their toll free access which will cost you a 1¢ extra.

Next thing you should keep an eye out for is "Minute Rounding". Let's say you make a call that last 2 minutes and 30 seconds. A phone card with a 3 minute rounding will round up that call to 3 minutes. A phone card that has a 1 minute rounding will round up a 30 second call to 1 minute.

Most phone card companies don't charge "Connection Fees" anymore today. Cloncom does not, but if you find a company that does, take your money elsewhere.

Finally "Maintenance Fee" is probably one of the silliest fees ever created. Rule of thumb is the lower the call per minute rate the phone card has the higher the maintenance fee it will have. Usually these fees are deducted from the value of your phone card at a weekly, biweekly or monthly basis. So if you are not in a rush to use up your phone card then don't buy any cards that contain this fee or go with a card that has a monthly maintenance fee.

So now that you've checked out the fees you can go ahead and make a purchase right? Not quite. You have to check the phone card's full details by clicking on the link.

UK Saver Phone Card Full Details
UK Saver Phone Card Full Details

Now most people will automatically gravitate to the phone card with the 0.7¢ /minute the "UK Saver" phone card. Because it's cheap and it sounds like a great deal right? Well... not exactly.

As you can see from the full details above the phone card "UK Saver" charges a 25% service fee of the cost of each call after you hang up. You'll definitely not be saving money with this phone card after all. Luckily you've read the full details and avoided this card.

So after reading these explanations of phone card lingo I hope you can clearly see which card you should choose now. If you picked the "Call Europe" phone card with the 1.5¢ /min rate then you have chosen correctly.

"Call Europe" Phone Card's Full Details
"Call Europe" Phone Card's Full Details

Choosing "Call Europe" is the right choice because:

  1. You will not be in a rush to use your phone card because there is no maintenance fee.
  2. You are not paying extra surcharges at the end of your call. However there is a 99¢ surcharge for payphones but people rarely use those these days.
  3. This card has 1 second rounding so you are getting the truest value out of your phone card.
  4. 1.5¢ is a pretty good rate for calling the United Kingdom.

Okay, now remember I said to you earlier that I will tell you the good points about Cloncom's phone cards as well as the bad points. Well here it is. Cloncom doesn't offer the greatest rates for calling mobile numbers overseas. Why? I have no clue at all.

As you can see below if you use the "Call Europe" card to phone a mobile number you'll end up paying 28.3¢ which is 18 times more than the advertised 1.5¢ land line rate. Now all of this information is fully disclosed in the "View More Details" link of the card.

So if you know for a fact that you will be dialing to a land line then go ahead and use "Call Europe". But if you know you will be dialing to a mobile number overseas then I suggest you try this company Nobelcom. They offer the best rates for dialing to a mobile number I have ever seen so far.

Reasons Why You Should Choose Cloncom's Phone Cards

One of the main reason why I use Cloncom's phone cards is because they have been around since 2002. That means to me that since they are still in operation then that they are a legitimate business and not some fly by night operation.

They are also enrolled in the Better Business Bureau reliability program which means that if there are any serious complaints filed against Cloncom you can read about it. All major companies participate in the BBB reliability program so this just goes to show that Cloncom works with consumers in quality and service assurance.

Cloncom also has great 24x7 customer care service. So if you're traveling out of your home country and you have a question about your phone card you don't have to worry whether or not a customer service rep is at their desk or not to help you. Not too many phone card companies have 24x7 customers service I have to add so this is a major plus for Cloncom.

The only gripe that I do have about Cloncom is that they charge high rates if you want to dial to an international mobile number. What I mean by that is Cloncom's phone cards advertised rates are based on calls made to land lines so calls to mobile phones will be charged at a much higher rate. Usually a few cents more or it can go up to 10 times the price of calling a land line. So please make sure you check a phone card's full detail to avoid any costly surprises.

So if you need phone cards, especially to dial a international land line I highly suggest you check out their phone cards by visiting Cloncom's Website.

Have you ever used Cloncom's phone cards before? Tell us what your experience was like.

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    • profile image

      JacqCFF 6 years ago


      We are really sorry about your experiences. Please send us an e-mail to and we will do our best to solve your inconveniences.

      Thank you!

      Cloncom Team

    • profile image

      Tania 6 years ago

      I have used them to call Brazil from my cell phone. I have always been surprised at how much time I have to talk. Recently, however, I tried to call a mobile number in Abu Dhabi, and found what Edwin said to be very true - I was told I had only 9 minutes of talk time. I quickly hung up and used Skype instead! Overall the quality of my calls has been decent.

    • profile image

      Zasi 6 years ago

      I use the "ClonCom Connect" card since 2 years in Europe. They charge me in Euros. But all calls seem to be about 25% overcharged. May be there is a hidden tax or the rates on there web site are simply wrong. Since last month I use another card with a detailed online bill with all my calls.

    • profile image

      Tim 6 years ago

      I used Cloncom to call a friend in Cuba. Their advertised rates looked attractive but they were not what I was charged. For example in my most recent experience of using their card, I was informed I had 41 minutes of credit but after 24 minutes my call was cut off with the message that my credit had run out. This happened every time I used them, never getting near to the correct number of minutes that were on my account.

    • Edwin Clark profile image

      Edwin Clark 9 years ago from Thailand by way of New York

      Hi Fox, sorry to hear about your experience. I've done my own rate calculations when I've been using my cards from Cloncom and found the rates accurate.

      I have never used the Call North America phone card before. Nonetheless you shouldn't have been overcharged.

      How much were you overcharged?

    • profile image

      Fox,L 9 years ago

      We recently purchased a Call North America (with call logs) calling card from Cloncom. We used the card 25 times calling from Florida to British Columbia. The advertised rate for Toll Free calls is 2.4 cents per minute.

      Call quality was excellent. We appreciated the ability to obtain details of our calls on line, however


      Because Cloncom is a reseller of these cards they have been unable to provide us with an explanation.