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Color Laser Printer Review 2016

Updated on November 8, 2015

There are many different printers on the market and it can be tricky to match your needs to a good printer. In color laser printer review 2016 we will review some of the best new printers. We picked these printers because they have different features and have good user feedback.

What to look for in a color laser printer:

  • Speed: The higher the speed the higher the cost of the printer. A slow printer is fine for home use, but in an office environment you need a fast printer.
  • Memory: If you are going to be printing high definition pictures the printer's memory will have to support this. Users who are going to be printing pictures should look for a printer with enough memory or the option to upgrade memory as needed.
  • Brand: The top printer brand is Brother and the number 2 is Canon. I would suggest you get one of these brands of printers.
  • Duplex printing: Duplex printing is when a printer automatically prints on the front and back of the printer paper. It is an important time saving feature in printers that get used a lot.
  • Multipurpose tray: If you are going to be printing on less conventional items like labels, envelops and cards you need a good multipurpose tray on your printer.

Brother printer - color laser printer reviews 2016
Brother printer - color laser printer reviews 2016

Brother HL-4070CDW Color Laser Printer

This is our number one pick for best color laser printer of 2016.

It does everything well whether you are printing Word documents, spreadsheets, photos or pdf files. The wireless feature is perfect for any small home office. The setup process is quick and easy to follow even for a novice user. The printer will be up and running in no time.

The ability of this printer to provide high quality photos is really impressive. You can take it on vacation and it is easy to just print the ones you want right from home and save the others. No worries about printing everything all at once or waiting for each photo to print. The layout of this machine is also helpful. You can conveniently change printer cartridges without a lot of hassle. The LCD display is a really nice feature. By taking a look at this, you know the status of the printer at all times.

Black and white as well as color prints are done at the same speed. This is an affordable product that delivers great quality printouts.

Print pictures straight from your camera
Print pictures straight from your camera

Brother HL-3070CW Compact Digital Color Printer

One great component of this machine is found in its printer cartridges. Although they are a little more costly to replace, they do not need to be changed nearly as often as an inkjet printer. You can get more than 2,000 pages out of the black toner cartridge, which is excellent.

The print quality of this Brother printer is top-notch. Everything from colors to quality is nothing short of professional. This is a greatly needed element for any business, as you can save money by not needing to run to a print shop for small jobs. You can create just about any project with the Brother and know it will turn out perfect.

Envelopes and varying sizes of paper are accommodated by this printer. It even accepts legal-sized paper. That is truly unique among printers for home use.

This Brother is also energy efficient. With the number of gadgets you are sure to have running 24 hours a day, seven days a week; you can trust this printer to make a minimal impact on your energy bill. It has a sleep mode that is especially efficient during down times.

Canon imageCLASS MF4370DN Laser All-in-One Printer

This Canon is fast and surprisingly quiet. From computer to printer, the whole printing process takes about five seconds. No warm-up period is necessary, so users will be happy with that. And for a laser jet, the noise isn't a problem at all.

Software that is provided with the printer permits document scanning. Double-sided printing is also a feature, and it is capable of sending faxes from your PC. Copying is another feature of this printer, making it capable of performing just about every task you need from home. Compact style, good print quality, and an affordable price round out this printer’s attributes. All in all, it is a really good machine for home use.

Brother HL-3040CN Compact Digital Color Printer

The HL-3040CN's set-up is incredibly quick and straightforward. You plug in the machine, follow the prompts and you are able to use it immediately. You can network both your desktop and laptop to the printer, which is great for any business or home.

The print capacity is also high. Although not a photo printer, the quality is fine for everyday printouts. The starter cartridges last quite a while. Most printers have starter cartridges that seem to be empty almost immediately. Not with this Brother. The Draft Mode offered on this model also reportedly saves toner, which may account for the long lasting starter cartridges.

Given the cost and overall quality of this machine, we are sure you will be happy with this printer.

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      printer supplies 7 years ago

      Good review,after going through this one can easily choose the type of printer he/she is looking for.As different type of printers are designed to serve different tasks so this information is quite valuable.