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Raw Sql Queries to interact with MySql Database via Command Line

Updated on November 9, 2011

In this article you are going to learn how to use 'command line' tool for interacting with MySql, supposing we are lacking a user interface type like "PhpMyAdmin" or such. Well, it's a broad topic but focus of this article will be "Using MySql with web-Interfaces, websites, web applications".

Beginners Way:

  1. Install the MySQL,
  2. Go to Start -> Programs -> MySql -> MySQL command line client and a black window appears.
  3. Type your password that you've set while installing.

Now you will see the command line with this words printed "MySql>" i.e. it is waiting for user input (Queries you are going to type to interact with MySql Database). Some of the basic queries include Show, Create, Alter, Select, Insert, update, delete types.


After creating databases with 'create type' statement explained below we need to execute any of these statement for proper functionality:

  • connect my_database_name;
  • use my_database_name;
  • or after selecting database you can type SHOW TABLES; to get the list of tables.

For more help you can type '\h' in command line without inverted commas... Hope you will enjoy while working with database.

Below are the queries you can type in command line:

Create Type: These Types of queries are used to Create database and tables in Database, for example:

CREATE DATABASE my_database_name; 
CREATE  TABLE  my_table_name 

Alter Type: These type of queries are used to alter tables mainly, for example:

ALTER  TABLE my_table_name
ADD  PRIMARY  KEY (field_name);

Select Type: These type of queries are used mainly for the purposes of data retrieval, For example:

SELECT * FROM my_table_name WHERE field_name='Some_Field_Value'; 

Here Field_value is referencing to a value that is already stored in database for that Field name.

Insert Type: These type are used for inserting data, for example:

INSERT INTO my_table_name(id,field) 
VALUES ('Integer_values','Some_text');

Update Type: These type of queries are used for updating data (rows) which are already in database, for example:

UPDATE my_table_name 
SET field='some_text' 
WHERE id='integer_value';

Delete Type: These type of queries are used for deleting rows (data) from the database, for example:

DELETE FROM my_table_name 
WHERE id='some integer';


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    • profile image

      sravani 6 years ago

      its good and understandable.

      thanks for this information.

    • Nell Rose profile image

      Nell Rose 7 years ago from England

      Hi, this sounds too complicated for me! lol but great for people who want to learn this, nice one, cheers nell

    • itech profile image

      Krishna 7 years ago from New Delhi, India

      Thanks haidry... Feeling Good to hear that.

    • haidry profile image

      haidry 7 years ago

      good and very informative for new bies, i like the way you explain the procedures.