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Concentrate on your Hubs & suppress external sounds

Updated on March 29, 2012

"Bose headphones don't worth their value." That's the same phrase I keep hearing from many audiophiles or people who are expert in the matter. Personally I thought the same, since you're paying a lot for them, while you can get some similar phones or even better specifications paying less, just from some other non-publicly-recognized brands. But what if you buy a pair of headphones not only for multimedia purposes like hearing music, watching a movie or gaming? What if you could improve your productivity or your hubs writing by using headphones? Are they worth their value now? Maybe yes.

The Dilema

Are you a person who gets distracted every time you hear a sound or hear someone speaking even if it's not directed to you? It happens to me sometimes, depending on the time of the day and my personal mood, sometimes I can get distracted very easily. That's one very strong reason people go to the office instead of working at home, but if you are a freelance writer then you probably just work from the commodity of your sofa or desktop in your house. How do you get concentrated to write the number of posts you're aiming to achieve at the end of the week?

Bose Quiet Comfort 15 Headphones while working
Bose Quiet Comfort 15 Headphones while working

Music and Headphones; the answer?

Yes, music can be the answer for some people, but it won't work for others. In my case, I can get to write a lot when I'm hearing music, specially if I'm hearing it very loud. My girl-friend, for example, she can't tolerate any music if she wants to achieve some work, so it's a NO for her. But from what I've seen, when I concentrate the most, is when I'm hearing music with my personal headphones.

When I'm working at the office, sometimes for me it's better to wear my headphones and disconnect me from the world and just get my work done. Have you ever seen "The Social Network" Movie? They show a very interesting concept where the engineers at Facebook get "plugged" or "wired" in while working, and then won't even say hello to you when you're standing next to them. I tried to copy this so what I really needed was just a pair of headphones, a comfortable chair and also a comfy keyboard.

  1. Pair of headphones
  2. Comfortable desktop with chair
  3. Comfortable Mouse & Keyboard
  4. Internet Conection

My headphones recommendation

Getting a nice chair and a desktop for my mighty PC with a 27" monitor wasn't a difficult task. Just a matter of visiting the mall and walk into the Office Department. The main problem for me was getting a decent pair of headphones, some headphones that I could really use for hours while working/writing without getting a terrible headache.

You'll see, the problem with me is that somehow I'm very sensitive when we're talking about sounds. I love to hear music and I definitively love quality. But if the headphones are not as comfortable as I'd like, then I won't be able to hear music or use them for more than 30 minutes. Thus, I ended buying 3 different models in a month, until I got the good one.

Since the general idea about this is to suppress external sounds to concentrate on working, I looked for different Around-ear headphones. Basically, there are 3 types of headphones:

  • In-ear headphones: the ones you get with your iPod or Smartphone.
  • On-ear headphones: Bigger ones that press or go at the top of your ears.
  • Around-ear headphones: The bigger ones, mostly recommended for noise isolation. (Those are the ones I was looking for).

So I started with my standard Apple headphones (in-ear) just to discover they were not good enough for me, specially the Audio Quality). Then I grabbed a pair of Shure SRH750DJ headphones. The quality on those was very good, even though they needed a little amplifier to get the most out of them, but the problem was that they were so heavy and I couldn't use them for more than 30 minutes before getting a terrible head-ache.

Then I went for the beats solo and tried the beats studio. Those are interesting and very aesthetics headphones, but for the specifications and sound quality, I finally decided not to keep them. The Beats solo are comfortable and very light, but the sound isn't great. The Beats Studio sound better but they're big and heavy... so that means headache for me.

Finally I tested the Bose Noise Cancelling 15 model. They were very comfortable and as light as the Beats Solo. However, the thing that made me take my decision and go for this headphones was the absolutely amazing noise cancellation function. When you first try the Bose NC15, you feel like suddenly everyone is dead and you're the only person left in the world. Well, maybe not that much, but really, try them and you'll quickly notice the difference between the NC15 and other Noise Cancelling Headphones. You can even go in a train or an airplane and use those and the sound will 90% disappear, so you can concentrate on writing or just get some rest.

Bose NC15; my final choice

Yes, I've been using my new Bose headphones for almost 1 month now, and they were very expensive. In fact, you can get the Bose NC15 for $350 USD or similar, and maybe for the sound quality (which is very good, but not the best) they don't worth it. However, when you think that you will use the Bose NC 15 headphones not only for watching movies, hearing some music or any other multimedia purpose, then the price might worth it. If you can write more hubs/posts on your blog, or you can concentrate to get things done at your office and go home earlier to stay with your family, then the headphones might worth even more than you think. So I'm sure I'll use the Bose NC15 headphones for a long time before changing them for a new model.

Do you wear headphones when writing on your own blog or at Hub Pages?

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Bose Noise Cancellation Headphones
Bose Noise Cancellation Headphones


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    • ServandoSilva profile image

      Servando Silva 6 years ago from Somewhere between my Laptop and my Desktop

      Thank you for enjoying my hub, prasonline!

    • prasonline profile image

      Prasanna Marlin 6 years ago from Sri lanka

      Interesting! Keep on writing. thanks for sharing this! Voted up