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Cool GPS Personal Tracking Devices For You And Your Kids.

Updated on March 18, 2014

Keeping Track.

With the recent developments of the missing airplane in the news isn't it time that we realised that the best way to keep ourselves and our children safe is to start wearing a tracking device?

In other words, would one of these simple little devices or gadgets helped to find the plane by now? it's a thought isn't it?

There are some really cool little gadgets out there at the moment, and the signal range can be anywhere between a few hundred feet to world wide tracking.

Many parents are scared to let their children outside just in case they go missing, or someone tries to abduct them, so the kids tracking gadgets are really selling fast.

In fact even the most tech inadequate person is aware that something needs to be done to look after our children, and have bought these gadgets Online.

But what about us adults? Okay, you may not want anyone to know where you are 24 hours a day, but surely in these days of abductions, terrorist attacks and so on surely its a good idea to have a hidden gadget within your clothing or even as a piece of jewelry.

A Vacation Nightmare!

How many people even think to wear one when they are going abroad? They pack all their essentials, take the kids and get on a plane and go on vacation to a part of the world that maybe they have never even visited before. What happens if a child wanders off?

Most of the time they keep safe, and return home non the worse for wear. But what about those people who go missing every year? Whether its on vacation, or at home. From a friends house, or even just walking to the shops.

And of course if, God forbid, anything happens like the missing Malaysian airplane surely its a good idea to take your own tracking system with you.

I am not talking about a huge gadget that will take up half your luggage. I am purely suggesting a tiny watch, or maybe even a pen in your pocket.

Keep Safe Even In The Wild.


PocketFinder Personal GPS Locator.

A pocket locator or PocketFinder is a GPS personal tracking device that can tell you exactly where the person carrying the device is at any given time. By using a easy web interface or mobile App you can track the device by looking at a map.

To use the device all you need to do is charge it up and then give it to the person so that they can carry it in their pocket or anywhere on their person. The great thing about it is that you can see the speed, heading, altitude and address purely by GPS, GSM, and the battery too.

(GSM is a global system for mobile or cell communications)

Personal Tracking Devices.
Personal Tracking Devices. | Source

Amzdeal Tracker for Older people, cars or even Pets!

Live real time tracking with this great little gadget. It works by GPS satellite tracking and tracks remote signals by SMS and Internet.

This one is really good at tracking someone from even a remote signal which is great because if its used by an older person who may become confused about their surroundings, they can easily be picked up and rescued very quickly.

All these devices work in a similar way.

For more info please go to

Tracking Device For Your Pets Too!


Oxking Mini Child GPS Watch/Bracelet.

Because this device is designed mainly for little people, our kids, it has an SOS button that the child can press to call their mom or dad.

There is even two more buttons that are designed for calling for help too.

The SOS one is for emergencies and the other two are for normal calls.

It also has real time tracking so that parents can watch on screen with their computers to make sure they know exactly where their children are at any given time.

There are so many functions that I would take up a whole page to write them. For anybody who who worries about where their children are,

this is the tracking device that will give you peace of mind.

Short Range Trackers? What's the Point?

Now you may say, 'Well what's the point of that if the range is only a few hundred feet?' That's true. But many of the new tracking gadgets have the signal that can be picked up from different computers and locations so that even if it gets out of your range, it can then be picked up further afield.

The short range trackers are used by short range radio signals bounced off beacons, and yes they are useful, but surely its best to pay out that little bit more money and have the safety and peace of mind by knowing your family is safe.

The RF devices, or radio frequency devices, are not so expensive, and they use visual and audio to guide you to the homing device in your child's pocket.

But of course many of the more expensive tracking devices have a vast range. Crossing continents without any trouble. So I would go for the long range tracking.

The advantage of wearing a tracking device is that its not automatically noticed by an abductor. Why would they check out a child's watch? Or take notice of a camera? These few seconds or minutes can make all the difference between losing someone or finding them and bringing them home safely.

I for one believe its the way of the future. If everyone bought even a small tracking device, then the incident with the missing plane would be a thing of the past. Hopefully this will become the norm.

All that you need to do to keep track of your family is to either have a computer or cell phone. The signal gets picked up by GPS and transmitted to your pc or phone.

Trakdot Luggage Tracker, Black/Orange, One Size
Trakdot Luggage Tracker, Black/Orange, One Size
You need never lose your luggage ever again. Just attach this to your bags and rest easy.

The Luggage Tracking Device.

I personally think this one is a great idea. You may not want to wear a tracking device, but what about placing one in your luggage?

We all know somebody who has lost their bags on a long haul flight. They get off only to stand there for ages waiting for their luggage to come round on the carousel. And then, nothing, its gone. But where?

The great thing about the Trakdot Luggage Tracker is that when the plane is in the air, Trakdot turns itself off, or more to the point, it goes to sleep.

But the second the plane lands, it wakes up again and reports its new location!

Now can you imagine if someone had this on board the missing plane?! I don't need to explain to you just how important this little tracking device could have been if someone, anyone had thought to purchase it! I for one will be buying it.

Trakdot Luggage Tracker Explained.

The Missing Airplane.

Whatever the conclusion of the missing Malaysian plane I think the one thing that will stand out is how helpless we all feel not knowing what has happened. And of course thinking that with all the technology in the world, we still have no idea how this could happen.

I am not saying that any of the above devices could have been the key to this great mystery. Maybe somehow the people who have done this know how to turn off all tracking devices on the plane and the passengers.

But I for one do believe the luggage tracking device, above could very well have helped to find this plane pretty quickly.

Either way, whether its a major disaster or just the fact that you want to keep your family safe, I think the way we have to start thinking now is to start using our own personal safety tracking devices.

Free Getty Images Stock Photos
Free Getty Images Stock Photos

© 2014 Nell Rose


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